A guy in an abandoned house, peering out the window, wearing a green Halloween mask... Is weird as fuck.
by Sibbletts August 2, 2014
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things weird as shit things so fucking weird as fuck you will shit your bed
dude some things weird as fuck are happening with this Ouija board
by cece loves dicks and fucking January 18, 2015
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WAFFLE - Someone who is weird as fuck and will always be that way no matter w.
That dude is a straight is weird as fuck for like ever. and will never change. He’s a straight up WAFFLE!
by Rod323 March 11, 2022
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a stupid ass, perverted male or female that is just totally dumb
"stop staring at the cat taking a shit, you weird fuck."
by shosho October 27, 2007
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This isn’t the link to the cp video you weird ass bitch 🤡
Sike you weird fuck.
by itellyoumeaningsandfactslmao January 16, 2021
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