Doesn't know it; but is genuinely gorgeous. Lacks too much self respect, and needs to realize how wonderful she is. You can talk to her for the entire day and won't feel exhausted at all, she is simply somebody you'll be glad that you met. She is a fragile soul, easily hurt, but that's why you'll need to look after her and make sure she's safe. Nothing will brighten your day like her smile.
1. Hey look its Yun, isn't she great
by dietgreentea November 9, 2020
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Yun is the most beautiful woman in the world. Not only she is beautiful on the outside, she has an inner beauty that radiants any room she enters. She’s a head turner and will take your breath away with her smile.
by Lugh the Longhand November 20, 2017
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A character in Street Fighter 3. Yun practices a martial art which seems to be rooted in Kempo, but I'm not certain. He has a (twin?) brother names Yang. Originally Yang was simply an alternate costume for Yun, but they are now separate characters.

Yun is known for his relatively low defense and weak hits, which is balanced by his superb comboability. His most used super is his Genjin, which allows him to enter a Custom Combo mode, similar to that of A-groove in Capcom vs SNK 2. Using Yun requires you to be constantly on the offensive, while being very careful as to not be punished by you're opponents moves. He has no abusable pokes and his priority isn't anything to scream about. This makes him one of the more difficult characters to use. His only practical defensive move is his "Palm Strike". Yun's defensive tactics are pretty much "counter with Palm Strike" or "parry and counter". Yun is really only recommended for advanced players due to the fact that he's severely unbalanced. A good Yun player is usually hard to find (unless you live in a big arcade spot), but fighting one is usually pretty annoying.

NOTE: A watered-down version of Yun is also playable in Capcom vs SNK 2, but he isn't very popular in that game.
"Did you see that guy combo Yun's chain into that CC?"
"Yeah... It did less damage then if he were to just do the CC without comboing..."
by Jimmy March 5, 2005
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Pulling a Yun is the art of trying to do something that one is definitely too old for.
I pulled a Yun trying to jump over that fence and broke my heel
by Seannoob July 7, 2016
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A Yun is the most caring and loving person you'll ever meet. He is a great kisser (but is also good in other things (; ) He sometimes is too straight forward and can be considered as rude but he is always worried about people he loves. If you get a Yun as your boyfriend you are one of the luckiest people on earth. He doesn't like jealousy or arguing and he'll make sure that you are treated like a princess. He'll carry you on his hands and will make sure you'll never fall down. Also a Yun is very serious but can be really fun to be around.
Girl1: Omg I just texted with this Boy. His name was Yun and I fell in love.

Girl2: Omg you're so lucky, but make sure you'll not get jealous.
by weird0_ October 17, 2019
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Literal clown, slightly egotistical. Loves to say really unimportant things as evidence. Trolls 25/8 as their hobby. Funny, allegedly.
Yun moment
by Naurian April 4, 2022
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the most beautiful person to ever exist on this planet, will always care for you and make sure that she can talk to you everyday and every second that she can. knows how to make someone feel special in every way possible. she may live far away but she is worth everything that you can do for her.
person 1: “damn that person is *amazing*!”

Person 2: “oh, it’s just yun”
by Oncearmy_97 September 8, 2019
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