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Typing shortcut for a turtle emoticon on MSN Messenger. So if you type (tu) in the box and press enter, a small picture of a turtle will appear. I think it only works on version 6 or higher though.
(On an MSN convo)
Harry: What's your fave animal?
Elaine: A turtle!
Harry: What do they look like then?
Elaine: (tu)
by Zelda199 March 22, 2007
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Typo of <3 (heart symbol, tilt your head to the left n00b =P)

Usually occurs when the shift key is held down to type the "<" and not released in time or at all to type the "3", resulting in "£" being typed instead.

Usually used in chat rooms or web messenger applications such as MSN.
Amy: I <£ you Liam
Liam: What?
Amy: Eek I meant I <3 you
Liam: What?
Amy: Pfffft look up <3 on Urban Dictionary.
by Zelda199 January 06, 2007
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1. When young children ask their parent(s) where babies come from, the most popular lie *ahem* I mean response is to say, "Oh the stork bought you."

A stork is a large white bird which I know little about.

So basically your parents tell you that a giant bird grabbed a small baby in its mouth and randomly bought it to two people. Or one person as the case may be. In reality your parents probably had wild sex and your mom forgot her pill.

2. 'Stork' is also a brand of margerine which comes in round tubs.

3. It could also be a misspelling of stalk, when one person or persons obsess about and attempt to follow another person or persons without detection.
1. "Mummy, where do babies come from?"
"Oh the stork brought you."
"Do you think I'm stupid mummy, you charge £300 a go."

2. "Yumm, pass the synthetic butter...what's it called?"
"Yes, I need to smother Stork over myself."

3. "I'm going to stork Jane tonight."
"You mean stalk?"
"Oh shush I'm talking aloud, you can't hear my misspelling!"
by Zelda199 March 14, 2007
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Euphemism/antoher word for laughing. Now people titter when the word titter is said because of obvious sexual innuendo.
1: *people laugh at man*
Man: Why do you titter so?
*people laugh more*

2: "The Life of Brian was on last night. We tittered a lot!"
by Zelda199 November 14, 2006
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A polite term for oral sex or a blow job, in which a person kisses, sucks and licks a male's genitalia to give him sexual gratification. Referred to in Family Guy in 'The FCC Song' in which Stewie says of the FCC "...and they'll make you call felatio a trouser-friendly kiss..."
*little Timmy walks in on mommy and daddy doing the wild thing*
Mommy: Erm I was just giving daddy a trouser-friendly kiss.
by Zelda199 October 20, 2006
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Another word for condom.

Make sure you get in a lifeboat before the ship sinks, hehe.

The more usual definition of lifeboat is a boat usually stored on ships or deployed to rescue those in trouble at sea.

Boats stored on ships are used for passengers and crew to escape from a sinking ship, or perhaps to rescue someone who has fell in or been found in the water.
Harold: I say old chap, do you have any lifeboats to spare? I am wooing Doris tonight!

Jack: Harry, I'll give you a lifeboat if you stop talking like that.

Captain: Good lord, we're sinking! Get everyone into the lifeboats now!

First Mate: Sorry sir, we already deployed the boats to rescue Mr. Creosote...

Captain: Seven boats for one man? Are you insane?!?

First Mate: He's kind of fat...
by Zelda199 August 12, 2008
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1. A word used mainly by idiotic teenagers to describe a complete retard. Short for mongol. Is mongol short for Mongolian? I'm not sure.

2. Contraction of man thong (a thong made for or worn by a male).
1. "Get your shoes off your hands you mong!"

2. "Does this new mong make my ass look big?"
by Zelda199 February 20, 2007
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