An easy way of saying "I'm not hungry, but if you're cooking/buying me food I'm up for eating it."
"Hey I'm running to McD's, you want me to grab you something??" "Yeah, I could eat."
by breezy-licious September 9, 2011
A phrase used to size up something; ie when talking about how small some new electronics are, the ability to eat them is descriptive of its small size.
'Check out my new Ipod Mini.'
'Sweet. I could eat it'
by G-Unit May 2, 2004
To be so mad, upset or angry that you could eat an innocent baby.
I can't believe they made me work a double shift on New Year's Eve. I'm so mad I could eat babies!
by madbabydisease April 13, 2010
Line from the movie Face Off. Said by Nicholas Cage's character, Castor Troy. It means to perform oral sex on a female for, in this case, hours.
A guy trying to seduce a foxy lady: You know i could eat a peach for hours.
by Mitch Tyler November 22, 2009
Said first by Karl Pilkington- a fantastic idiot with a head like an orange- in conversation on The Ricky Gervais Show podcast about 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' and a celebrity eating a kangaroo penis.
Ricky: "So what're you saying??"
Karl: "I'm saying...I could eat a knob at night."
by Auntie Nora October 29, 2007
what you say when you are beyond hungry. only to be said if you are so hungry, you truly believe you really could eat a buttered frog.
a: hey wanna get some maccy d's?
b: nah i'm not hungry.
a: not hungry? i could eat a buttered frog!
by me old fruity August 31, 2006