A race lives on Asian continent who totally kicks ass. Mongols AKA Mongolians invaded half of the world back in 1200s.
Yo, those Mongols are not Chinese, they totally kick ass
by jimaagii September 1, 2010
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->A person from the country mongolia . The same boys along with ghenghis khan , there horse archers and heavy calvary took over a massive part of the world . Eventually split into several hordes . After that the horde's armies where localized and where filled with soldiers from conquered areas.
Look at the mongol on his little pony with his bow and arrow pwning some euros.

Hey real preps cause mongol blood flows through my blood I get more useful skills than playing Polo. Up for a match of horse archery , lance work or sword work?
by themongol February 19, 2006
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Sorry, a mongol is someone from Mongolia while a mongoloid is someone with Down Syndrome
by Hizzo February 28, 2004
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in skateboarding, someone who pushes with their front foot instead of their backfoot
look at that gay poser pushing mongol! lets go beat him up!
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pretty outragious, or sketchy, or exciting...basically anything you really want it to mean. you pick
"dude that party was mongol tonight, everyone was trippin" or

"those guys were mongol, they kept staring at me"
by linzer7 August 9, 2010
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another word for man SLUT/whore/hoe
brandon z. is a mongol.
by kissly September 8, 2007
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A person from Mongolia, a nation if given a chance will ride out and enslave the world once again.

The term Mongol is despised in China cuz they know Mongols > Them.

note: if you are ever besieged by Mongols surrender at the first apportunity otherwise your ass is done.
by Not I December 14, 2004
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