A person in a relationship who keeps someone he dated or some who likes him on the side in case things dont work out in his current relationship, so that he can have another person to replace his current bf/gf
charlie always keeps a lifeboat just in case his relationship doesnt work out and he would have someone else to run back to.
by salitsa February 24, 2008
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Another word for condom.

Make sure you get in a lifeboat before the ship sinks, hehe.

The more usual definition of lifeboat is a boat usually stored on ships or deployed to rescue those in trouble at sea.

Boats stored on ships are used for passengers and crew to escape from a sinking ship, or perhaps to rescue someone who has fell in or been found in the water.
Harold: I say old chap, do you have any lifeboats to spare? I am wooing Doris tonight!

Jack: Harry, I'll give you a lifeboat if you stop talking like that.

Captain: Good lord, we're sinking! Get everyone into the lifeboats now!

First Mate: Sorry sir, we already deployed the boats to rescue Mr. Creosote...

Captain: Seven boats for one man? Are you insane?!?

First Mate: He's kind of fat...
by Zelda199 August 12, 2008
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An unsinkable poop which remains floating in the toilet even after multiple flushes.
"Dammit, that's the second time Pete's left a lifeboat floating in the toilet. Maybe it's his high-fat diet that causes that unnatural buoyancy?"
by ShedYourSkin December 25, 2009
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when you have to take a dump, lay a few sheets of toilet paper before you take a dump. That my friend is the actual life boat. What the life boat does is protects you from the evil backsplash. I don't know about you but i HATE it when backsplash touches my anus.
Jerry deployed a lifeboat so not to get backsplash while taking a dump
by Seanye November 3, 2005
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To miraculously and suspiciously escape unharmed, especially from a situation you yourself caused
Captain Schettino after sinking a cruise ship and leaving all the passengers aboard: "No signore, you don't understand. I trip into a lifeboat!"
by saidpatrick January 18, 2012
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A woman who is the first person called for when a large ship appears to be sinking
Mandy Lifeboats! Mandy Lifeboats! We're sinking!
by Offramp_t November 25, 2009
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A descriptive phrase meaning when a person offers a fictional account of an unlikely accident to excuse a huge real-life blunder or to cover up an act of pure cowardice.
The Captain would have stayed behind with the sinking ship if he hadn't tripped into the lifeboat.

The ER staff really tripped into the lifeboat with the patient.

He tripped into the lifeboat on that decision.
by redPooka January 20, 2012
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