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An expression of shock, anger, surprise or general exclaimation. Sounds like a scream, yell or shout.
1. Argh! Go away!

2. Argh! You scared me!
by Zelda199 October 20, 2006
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1. A hat of a gay nature in the sense that it is either happy and carefree, ridiculous and stupid, or swings the other way (more than likely a mixture of these three).

2. A hat to be worn by gays ONLY ie people of a homosexual orientation. No exeptions: heterosexuals, bi-sexuals, gay/bi-curious people cannot wear a gay hat. Under penalty of death if this rule is violated. Yes, death.
a) "Oh my, you have such a gay hat!"

b) "Have you seen my gay hat? I need it for the seminar, woman!"
by Zelda199 January 15, 2007
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Typing shortcut for a turtle emoticon on MSN Messenger. So if you type (tu) in the box and press enter, a small picture of a turtle will appear. I think it only works on version 6 or higher though.
(On an MSN convo)
Harry: What's your fave animal?
Elaine: A turtle!
Harry: What do they look like then?
Elaine: (tu)
by Zelda199 March 22, 2007
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Typo of <3 (heart symbol, tilt your head to the left n00b =P)

Usually occurs when the shift key is held down to type the "<" and not released in time or at all to type the "3", resulting in "£" being typed instead.

Usually used in chat rooms or web messenger applications such as MSN.
Amy: I <£ you Liam
Liam: What?
Amy: Eek I meant I <3 you
Liam: What?
Amy: Pfffft look up <3 on Urban Dictionary.
by Zelda199 January 6, 2007
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Referred to in popular American sitcom Friends, in which in one episode Phoebe and Joey concoct an 'evil' plan to get Rachel and Ross back together by setting them both up on terrible dates in the hope that they realise how right they are for one another or something.

But anyway, once they have formed the plan Phoebe points out that this means they can do the plan laugh, which is basically an evil laugh which follows the creation of a good ol' fashioned evil plan. Usually used by villains such as Bond villains etc.

It goes a bit like this, "Muahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa"
Phoebe: Ooooooh, now we get to do the plan laugh!
Joey: How does that go?
Phoebe: Muahahahahahaaaa
Joey: Oh I get it, wohohohohohooooo...
Phoebe: It's not Santa's plan.
by Zelda199 January 6, 2007
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A prostitute who rather than selling sex and things like that, sells hugs.

Depending on how good the hug prostitute is at providing their service, you may have to pay rather a lot for a good hugging session.

Some hug prostitutes run special offers where they come up to you in the street and ask if you'd like a one-off free hug.

One of the only forms of legal prostitution is hug prostitution.

If you don't pay a hug prostitute after you are satisfied hug-wise, they attack you.
Hug prostitute: I'll spoon you for the night but it'll cost you £100.
by Zelda199 February 19, 2007
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A polite term for oral sex or a blow job, in which a person kisses, sucks and licks a male's genitalia to give him sexual gratification. Referred to in Family Guy in 'The FCC Song' in which Stewie says of the FCC "...and they'll make you call felatio a trouser-friendly kiss..."
*little Timmy walks in on mommy and daddy doing the wild thing*
Mommy: Erm I was just giving daddy a trouser-friendly kiss.
by Zelda199 October 20, 2006
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