Very Beautiful, Witty and Intelligent. Outgoing person. Smart and attractive. Altruistic. Peace lover. Faithful towards your near and dear ones. Very sensitive. Honest to the core. Loves to spend money. Modest and humble. Creative mind. Dominating personality. Ambitious towards life. N...ever give up spirit. Good listener. Entertainment lover.
The singer Aretha Roberts
by At the top February 4, 2010
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also lesser known as Artha

she is my mom and she provides me rice and a cottage to sleep in while I die practicing my non-existent skills
aRthA giVe mE foooOoaoODDdad
nOm nOm
by arethaismymom September 10, 2019
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A sudden, very public, widely televised fashion statement by a famous person which generates immediate buzz.
OMG! Did you see the Azerbaijan Winter Olympics team? Their pants are so Aretha's Hat!
by Cazimi105 February 13, 2010
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"When a man puts his testicles in a woman's mouth and her favorite song comes on, then she proceeds to start singing it still with the man's balls in her mouth. In turn her nut-slurred speech will sound like that of Aretha Franklin with balls in her mouth."
That chick totally did a Sloppy Aretha Franklin when her favorite song came on while she was sucking on my balls!
by R&G's C&GCS! August 18, 2018
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