giving your partner a handjob to the same action as the old model T crank automobile. It is most preferred in a clockwise cranking action until your partner ejaculates in her or his face.
after a hard day at work. my bf made me give him a model t in the bedroom. started rite up, all over my face.
by slum lord May 30, 2011
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The first car to be mass produced. Came from the Henry Ford Motor Company, in which Henry Ford had stolen the idea of mass production from a Revolver Manufacturer.
The Model T was a bag of shit, but it started a worldwide revolution.
by Son Of Ronin August 6, 2004
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Strangers meet with no expectations . Positive correlation expected but still a theory as it is not proven yet. As we experience the joys of the virtual world
I will meet with the ‘maths’ guy to test the triple T model
by Tagiii October 13, 2021
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