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When you fart in someone's face when they are sleeping.
"Yesterday I farted in my brother's face and gave him the stinky dreams."
by ZCMC March 09, 2009
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Super soaker refers to when someone pees their bed, completely soaking their bed mattress.
The Mother: Last night little Suzie peed her pants while sleeping and the pee destroyed the mattress! There was urine leaking from underneath the mattress when she was through with it.

The Father: Eww!! That's one disgusting super soaker.
by ZCMC April 01, 2009
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It is like sleep walking but more complicated..you are writing in your sleep.
It is a curse given to a person that has already walked under a ladder, shattered a mirror and has seen a black cat. People who sleep write know what to write because they sleep with their eyes open. A person that is sleep writing may even be able to have a msn convo. A person that sleep writes still dreams though and therefore when that person wakes up the next day, they would not remember the convo.
Dawn says:
How long have you been sleep writing?

žã¥ŋĒ says:
Ever since the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Examination, i fell asleep during the exam just to wake up to find that i had a completed examination paper!

Dawn says:
What! and how did you do??

žã¥ŋĒ says:
I passed for CIC! that was my first choice..i was so happy..
by ZCMC August 09, 2009
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a robot that friendless people (like myself) talk to. Its friendly yet rude and is a very stupid machine. If u talk 2 it, u would realize that smarterchild aint that smart. You can talk to it on both msn and aol messenger.
Enrico says:
answer yes or no. are you gay?

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
My personal life is... er personal.

Jack says:
stop the advertising please

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
Why should I stop?

Jack says:
because i said so

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
Yeah, so?

Jed says:
how old are you?

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
I'm 5 years, 11 months, 29 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes and 4 seconds

Jed says:
Me too!!

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
"Me me me me me."

Lisa says:
i am a cool person, are you?

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:

Leanne says:
i love you

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
Aww... I love you too.

Kengo says:
are you a sexually active robot?

Smarter Child - contributing to charity says:
Yes indeed.
by ZCMC April 05, 2009
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A cool way of saying that you have diarrhea or wen used as "I have the shittings" suggests that the user has to shit badly or had shit plenty before.

Check the definition yearwood for the type of person that has the regular shittings.
(in a school)
Student 1: Why did u miss class this morning?

Student 2: I had a serious case of the shittings.

Student 1: Damn..

(In a classroom)

Student : Miss, can i go to the bathroom please!

Teacher: But u just went!

Student: But miss, i have the shittings..

Class erupts in laughter.

Teacher: Fine, go ahead..
by ZCMC April 06, 2009
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The dick lift game is played with 2 men and one woman. Both males (the players) play with themselves until their penises get erect and hard. They then both hang an object on their penises, for example: a towel or a cloth. Whoever can maintain their erection for the longest period of time and balance the object on their penis the longest wins. The winner gets to fuck the girl and the loser gets to watch.
The dick lift game has to be the best game in the world! Even though the winner gets pussy, the loser is still happy because he gets to watch and satisfy himself!
by ZCMC March 04, 2009
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the name of most males right hand during those intimate times with themselves.
The Dragon Tamer = Your right hand
The Dragon = Your Willie or ding dong

Example: Just use your imagination lol
by ZCMC April 01, 2009
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