To go to the bathroom is to cheat. Mostly used by immature middle schoolers when they go to the bathroom and look up answers on their iphone.
Zarqa: I'm going to fail this test! I didn't study I was too busy on my insta
person two: just go to the bathroom ;)
by samthatloser December 17, 2018
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when a girl says im going to the bathroom she is having a mental breakdown and dosent want people to see.
Girl 1: im going to the bathroom
Girl 2: Im gonna go check on her
*Everyone that cant go to the girls bathroom is left confused
by seb.periodt April 13, 2023
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Man code for "I'm going to fuck that guys girlfriend real quick."
"Im going to the bathroom real quick."
by TomKVideo December 30, 2009
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This is the question students ask most at school. It's the sound that resonates most each and every session of class at any given school.

Some teachers continue to use the completely outdated response of "I don't know. Can you?"
Any student sick of that crap to the max might stop the class to not only correct themselves, but also to survey the rest of the class via a show of hands to see who else predicted the teacher was going to play the outdated-sense-of-humor card
by RevengeOfTheSeph November 22, 2021
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come on we know you dont really have to go you just go there to have a break from school you go there to use your phone
kid: can i go to the bathroom
by YAY_fucktheinternet March 10, 2021
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When a male is attempting to form an association with a female in a social setting, That females cock blocking friend is like " I have to go to the bathroom, do you have to go to the bathroom?" In an attempt to get the female away from the female whether she was interested or not.
"do you have to go to the bathroom?, we have to go the bathroom"
by QNA February 2, 2008
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