When a male is getting oral, he makes the woman deepthroat him. As he orgasms it comes out of her nose
The dragon causes sinus problems
by JF October 3, 2003
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Damn homie that girl was fine... until I walked up to her and she unleashed the dragon!
by bboy shyne June 2, 2011
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To have bad breath

Yo Juan, Yo girl got "The Dragon"
by AC October 26, 2003
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After giving a blowjob, the woman takes the load in her mouth, then immediately sneezes or in some way willingly forces the semen back out through her nostrils, making it look like a dragon breathing flames. This is typically accentuated with a grunt or a roaring sneeze for added effect.
Guy: "Yo man, you get with Sam yet?"

Dude: "Yea man, she gave me the the dragon."

Guy: "No shit?"

Dude: "Yea she roared and breathed all over my junk. I survived."

Guy: "Lucky!"
by KCTC March 6, 2008
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The genitals of an older man, usually with 4 balls.
You son of a dragon!
Watch out the dragon is letting off steam!
by Mr.Jizzinmypants February 12, 2009
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The most lazy member of the DBZ-Media Crew. He is often refered to as "a loner" by his friend/colleague/enemy Noir. This is the kind of person that steps into a bar and stares everyone down until they quiet down, the strong silent type one might say. He is also know for his wisdom, smoking adiction and his love for music.
The Dragon has shared his wisdom and given his advice to countless members.
by Marry Mortuary April 16, 2007
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The head God. His word is law. His touch heals. Nobody can view his gaze head-on, or they may die. He is the real one.
Atticus is running this job, hail The Dragon.
by Atticus Danger O'Rem January 4, 2020
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