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A place to get laid in. See also car, shower, couch, art museum, etc.
I fucked her all night in bed!
by Your Ass September 14, 2003

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Something that can kill you. Fast. Like me.
SHIT MAN! That axe is deadly!
by Your Ass September 28, 2003

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A long turd.
Man, I just flushed a torpedo there. Shit, the bathroom smells.
by Your Ass September 28, 2003

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A really good decent band that was overshadowed by Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and the like.
Man, SR-71 was a great band that never had a chance.
by Your Ass September 16, 2003

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The only multitool you will ever need.
"Dude, my engine totally fell apart on me..."
"That's ok! My leatherman will fix it."
by Your Ass January 21, 2004

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Any how. Used as a transition to something else, when the person can't usuall get you to talk about what they want to talk about.
-And that's how I got laid with your girlfriend yesterday.
I see, aneehoo, did you play Halo ever?
by Your Ass September 28, 2003

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One of the best fighting games in existance. The game is weapon based, meaning that characters use fat ass swords and shit. Check it out if you just came out from under your rock.
Man, I just kicked your ass at Soul Caliber II!
by Your Ass September 29, 2003

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