Member of the homosexual male subculture that grew out of male-only motorcycle clubs formed by homosexual veterans returning from World War II, stressing masculinity in contradiction of androgynous and effeminate gay stereotypes, characterized by a fetish for leather gear, a sense of hierarchy and a fraternal code of protocol and behavior, and often sexually involved in BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism).
Pride in masculinity, honor among brothers and a bent for rough-and-tough sexuality made the leatherman the butch male icon of homosexual machismo.

Tom of Finland's drawings present the leatherman in his finest form.
by Pitbull GNV September 5, 2006
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The only multitool you will ever need.
"Dude, my engine totally fell apart on me..."
"That's ok! My leatherman will fix it."
by Your Ass January 21, 2004
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the stereotypical gay male icon. one who dresses in leather, commonly chaps with no pants, and 'biker' style facial hair.
Paul Repmann
by Belowband May 26, 2004
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A gay man who is extremely buff, has a flat top haircut, a handlebar mustache and loves to wear leather. They are especially fond of leather chaps.
I met that Leatherman over at The Cuff and he had a nice thick handlebar mustache.
by Jack Batemaster January 7, 2004
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When you need only a Leatherman tool to do ANYTHING, then it has been Leathermaned. Coined by Bert Gerber and Ryan Cook.
I installed my new LCD on the wall using only my Leatherman. The TV has been Leathermaned.
by nimbod March 6, 2014
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1. A person who is so uniquely inept at social interaction, that they can not be described in a singular fashion of adjectives to describe their stupidity.
2. A person who is incapable of conscious thought beyond that of a gold fish, often found walking about with their mouth open.
3. A person who is is such a tool that using a singular tool as a description would not do justice in describing the person.
1. The boss often walked about the office neither making small talk or complimenting the employee. He is a real tool.. No, a total Leatherman!
2. In observing the boss walk about the office with his mouth agape it sure became obvious the guy is a Leatherman.
3. When talking to the boss it sure became apparent that he is a Leatherman.
by I got Rossed December 29, 2009
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