To be fly is to be cool, and amazing and awesome.
Indigo Wallis and Anna Spaul are extremely FLY
by ahaaa1412 November 26, 2011
A 90s adjective that needs to make a comeback like fresh or dope. Basically to describe something cool.
Yo that jacket is fly bro!!
by yursh22 May 17, 2017
something or someone that is particularly attractive and rich.
I wake up fly .

I'm fly af Bre Bre.

Better cop you something from @Flylife_clothing_apparels on Instagram.
by MellyConjure November 9, 2017
The stupid little worthless flying bug that lands on your window and has a fucking seizure on it and when the curtains are pulled away, the stupid little thing still cant find a way out and doesn't go away.
Fly 1: OH MA GAWD I CANT GET OUT!!!!! *has seizure*
Fly 2: Window is wide open dumb-ass!!!
Fly 1: Oh, ok.... *doesn't go away.*
Fly swatter: HA YOU STUPID THING! *smacks the hell outta the fly*
by mehmehmehmehFLY June 4, 2011
Northern Irish slang, meaning unfair, cruel/unkind or bigoted/stubborn.
Unfair or Cruel/unkind:
Teacher: Right, everyone is getting double homework this weekend!
Guy 1: That's so fly we don't even deserve it!

Guy 1: Can I've a lend of your pencil?
Guy 2: No way it's mine!
Guy 1: Come on don't be fly!
by M&Msmorelikesmarties November 28, 2010
To become off the ground and move.
A bird can fly throughout the world gracefully and carefree.
by Michael Plumlee June 25, 2007