96 definition by Yo Mama

a homosexual and retarded person.
hey, you are a really dumb faggotard! (used as a cuss)
by yo mamA March 21, 2005

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A really cool girl.
NOT a slut.
243029385 Times better than a Hockaday girl.
Jesuit Guy #1: Dude, did you see that ursuline girl walk by???
Jesuit Guy #2: Yeah, she was hot--A LOT hotter than those fugly Hockaday sluts.
by yo mama January 13, 2005

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a place where all dem hoes live at
damn she musta come from hoecala!
by yo mama September 10, 2003

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a kick ass way of saying...BOO!
saying "boo" with attitude!
the ghost went oogally boogally and almost made me wet myself!!
by yo mama April 07, 2003

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a gay thats not ures
dats nachohomo dats chads homo
by yo mama October 01, 2004

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Correction on that last one......the 0nly state people WOULD NOT consider being part of the Dirty South would be Kentucky
Kentucky, specially northern is not the south
by Yo Mama August 14, 2004

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(N). What Snoop Dogg uses to get his whites really white......

(fo shizzle.... my nizzle.)
"Bitch, you spizzled my 40 on my shirt. Go get the bleeatch," said Snoop.
by Yo Mama December 12, 2003

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