The cheaper version of the stang that ever since 2011 has boasted 306 hp and a 0-60 time of 5.1 seconds (faster than a bmw 335i or a nissan 350z).
Kid #1: Dude my honda civic si is sooooo much better than your mustang.

Kid #2: Really? cuz my V6 mustang gets over 100 more horsepower and that civic is torqueless.

Kid #1: Well, um, the v6 is a woman's car.

Kid #2: You drive a civic.

Kid #1: (Proceeds to drive away in his civic)
by zach de la roacha November 30, 2011
A car that moms by. Might give to her son to feel cool even though it's all stock and practically on a lift kit. A Sebring makes more horse power (that instantly take your balls away).
"You drive a v6 mustang"-true car guys
"Yeah man it's nice kinda like your car"v6 owner
"Leave, never come back, you'll never beat my REAL MANS CAR!!" Real car guys
by Dodge d100 August 5, 2017
The quintessential rental car. A V6 Mustang is like a hot girl with her clothes on: looks good, but ain't nothing you could do with her!
Only thing worse is the V6 mustang convertible: the quintessential 'My daddy gave it to me' car for preppy girls.
A real man will run V8 Mustang coupe, a mid-life crises guy will run a V8 mustang covertible, a rental cr company will run a V6 coupe, and a preppy girl or gay guy will run a V6 mustang convertible.
by rockabillysteve August 18, 2006
Quite possibly the best vehicle that retails for under $15,000. It looks better then other similarly priced cars and is faster then cars in its price range. 3.8 V6 engine makes 193hp and usually between 160-165 at the wheels. Equiped with a t5 tranny makes this car a great buy.
by StangDriver January 31, 2005
A pre-assembled rice burner.
Check out that V6 mustang. I love how it looks like it might have some power while that Camry smokes it.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI December 3, 2008
quite possibly one of the least masculine cars in existance... boasting a whiny sounding motor with subpar performance, even your average ricer's civic can smoke it. over priced and under powered, the v6 mustang is primarily driven by women, ranging in age from high school to old retirement home women, and also driven by homosexuals. most people lean towards the v8 mustangs and sometimes even cobras. most heterosexual men though, dont even consider mustangs, but rather more exotic cars..
"wow, I didnt think bob could do any worse than his saturn"
"what do you mean?"
"he bought a v6 mustang"
by Corey...mmkay? June 7, 2006
my 2007 v6 mustang pushes 244 hp and 272 tq to the wheels, has a mid 5 second 0-60 and lowest quarter mile time of 14.01 seconds @ 99 mph. no turbo/supercharger or nitrous, and no exterior mods for the ultimate sleeper look. and its an automatic
by money mike 6991 September 23, 2009