to try something out
I want to test drive this car.

I want to test drive this guy, make him see and PAY FOR a chick flick, and buy me dinner.

Let's test drive the ironing board.
by AzN LeMoN SkIn January 20, 2005
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to have sexual relations with an individual with the purpose of gathering information to aid in future decisions regarding with whom to participate in sexual relations with
Gabe got that girl all liquored up to test drive her ass before spending all that money wining and dining her at the Eat n' Park.
by Sach. September 28, 2006
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borrowing a friends car, and then usuing it to perform a jackass style stunt to see how it plays out, and if it would be safe for your car.
Bob: yo can you drive me to the store?
Joe: nah, Johnny took my car for a test drive by the railroad tracks. he said his car is busted.
Bob: i hope you have insurance
by Jezuz Munky April 19, 2008
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testing a girl or guy in sex performance before you want to commit to them.
Dude I don't think I'm going to fuck Becky again she wasn't good in her test drive.
by Jonathan Gallagher January 22, 2010
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To engage in sexual intercourse with the sole intention of gaining information to aid with decisions.
Alex likes to test drive other woman, ultimately looking for an acceptable replacement of his current partner.
by LAJVXO January 5, 2020
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Test driving a girl means to fuck her with the intent to gather info about her; or to see if she's a "Good Fuck". Which happens before dating.

Or just to make sure that bitch ain't crazy.
Friend 1: Yo where were you last night?
Friend 2: I was with my girl bro.

Friend 1: man I thought you guys were just chillen.

Friend 2: Nahh man I always test drive pussy before I buy it yo. I think she's good to go!
by Hart07 August 25, 2014
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To see if a females head or sex is good enough to be with her.
GUY 1: Is John with that new girl at work?
Guy 2: Na. He jus tryin to test drive that bitch. Gotta see how she rides first.
Guy 1: Ok. Make sure she'll go all the way. Not get you half way there and quit on you.
GUY1: Exactly.
by jayn3al March 22, 2017
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