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To get angrily yelled at, and in the process, copping a spray of saliva.
My boss caught me f*cking around at work... man, did I cop a spray!
by WingNut July 09, 2004

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Small, dried balls of turd that hang off the butthole hairs.
"Whoa, I need a shower... I've gotta wash off some crusty wallnuts"
by WingNut October 25, 2006

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Homeless-shower-in-a-can, another name for deoderant that is designed to prevent B.O. (Body Odour), hence B-Oderant
"James, get some fucking beoderant you filthy crunt!"
by WingNut September 05, 2003

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Someone who dunks the proverbial donut into the company coffee; i.e., someone who sleeps around with colleagues from work.
"Check out Alan, he's hitting on the new chick already"
"What a donut dunker!"
by WingNut November 16, 2007

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Someone with ears that protrude out sideways

Also, see wingnut.

"Robbie is on an earection!"
by WingNut September 05, 2003

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a womans clitoris
"oh yeah baby youre hittin my bliss button!!!!"
by Wingnut January 10, 2004

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A Toyota Celica car.
(Celica drives past)
"What a sillycar!"
by WingNut February 17, 2008

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