descriptor for something about to be referred to as cliché, stale, or trite.
Bored, he decided to surf the proverbial 'net all night long and check his email instead of finishing his term paper.
by the professor tfn April 20, 2012
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The unknown subject of the declarative statement, "That's what she said!"
Andy: Where's Norman?

Richard: Asleep.

Andy: Still?

Richard: Yeah, he can't get up.

Andy: That's what she said!

Richard: Who is this proverbial "she"?
by Soleijhee December 1, 2009
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What you say you're going to hit when you are tired but don't want to seem agressive towards dried grass.
Brian informed me that after a long night of studying he was going to hit the proverbial hay
by Mmmkay December 15, 2004
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"Proverbial Lemon" refers to anything that doesn't function properly. Commonly used for cars which have problems no one can fix, it can also refer to a flashlight, a radio, or anything mechanical.
Captain Picard: The Federation may be buying a "Proverbial Lemon". (Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Price")
by The Slang Overwatcher October 18, 2017
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a figurative representation of cutting someone a break or giving them aid
Come on man, throw me a proverbial six.
by PhaseTen November 24, 2010
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