i got mad at my beoch because sh was acting hoeish at da club.
by william August 23, 2003
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Reigning from Hoelland, a country in europe
look at those Hoeish scallywags the be from Hoelland
by lolianfunnyguy June 08, 2019
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People that are fake or act stupid in ways you dont liek or agree on

or just dump people you hate
"dog im bout to give him a meat shot"..."man shut yo dumb as up stop with your hoeishness leave him alone"
by Grim aka Avi September 22, 2006
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The act of being a hoe. A word to describe someone who tries to steal someone's boyfriend/ girlfriend, lover, ect.
Her hoeishness failed when she tried to steal my boyfriend.
by Beanie Weenie May 22, 2010
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Unlady like
When you’re out with your clique, sometimes it can get a bit ratchet and hoeish!
by Ayo Frankiee November 19, 2017
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When your flavor of the week is kept a lil longer so everyone don't know your hoeish activities
Whose the new guy? That's her monthly hoeish
by inferno42o November 17, 2014
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