THAT nigga. Usually the leader/supplier if not one of the best ones amongst the gang/crew of men in whatever hood they are in.
Tre & Juice hustled together, but Tre was outside longer and more focused to make it out then Juice so Tre made double what Juice made & brought more to the table for the entire crew. Tre was the top hat aka MVP
by MONEY MULAN May 31, 2018
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Jonny/Condom/Rubber Sock/Sperm Sanctuary/Baby Barrier/Love Butter Eradicator
Easy Now dan you got a Top Hat for me or otherwise il have to get one of dem pills for me bitch to get dat bun out of er oven!

Father To Son: Ohh son how I wish i had used a Top Hat so you didn't bicker with you're older sister!
by Single Dad 10 Kids August 3, 2010
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Is a term used when a gun is placed under a persons chin, and the blast blows the persons brain out the top of their head.
" you wont be so smart when I make your skull in to a top hat"
by Hdj February 20, 2008
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A badass hat that all the cool motherfuckas wear.
FRED: Look at that sick motherfucka. Hes wearing a Top Hat

DERF: Man. I wish I had that hat.
by The Original FRED October 17, 2011
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verb. a literal or figurative covering up of something bad or shameful as if nothing ever happened. To conceal something in hopes that it will go away on its own. To hide from public view and scrutiny.
The BP Oil and Haliburton executives have decided to Top Hat the 200,000 gallon per day oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
by Theryl McCoy y May 27, 2010
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