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Its a diamond, it is created by holding down alt and pressing 4 on the keyboard.

Take that Steve Jobs! This only works on PCs
Random Girl on Chat Room: Diamonds are a girls best friend.
Random Boy on Chat Room: Ok then, Here:
Random Girl on Chat Room: ?
Random Boy on Chat Room: ♦♦♦
Random Girl on Chat Room: um... okay?
by WhatsherfaceBBQ July 14, 2009
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The current word has many name such as: Itouch Phone, Ipod Phone, Ipod Touch Phone, Iphone Touch, IPT, ITP, IPTP, IPWN etc.

The Itouch Phone is the most common reference and it refers to the apple Ipod Touch being used as a phone from using Applications such as Skype, Fring, Viop Buster etc. With this they can buy an Ipod touch and then be able to call and SMS other phones for free using Wifi.

The main reason that this all came about is when users were against paying the few hundred dollars to get an Iphone instead of an Ipod Touch, they felt as though they should just get a separate Ipod, Phone and Digital Camera so that if one breaks you wont lose everything. Unfortunately over time people started seeing the beautiful pleasure and glory of having a phone on your Touch Screen Ipod and tried to create one themselves. This is how the whole "Ipod Touch Phone" came about.

The two main ways of turning your Itouch into an Iphone is through using the free Skype application (Downloaded from the app store) or using Downloading Fring from the Appstore and then using VOIP Buster on your computer. Fring will turn your ipod into a real phone and will give you a free Phone Number where as Skype can call people but you have to pay to get Voice Mail, a phone number, etc.

A problem with this idea is that the Ipod Touch has no microphone - but that can be perfectly fixed by using a splitter to connect an average pair of computer Headphones/microphones into one socket, by buying a non-wireless one ear piece, or by buying proper Apple Earphones from an apple store that are currently valued at $35 (These are just earphones with a microphone on them, they dont have a Volume button or anything). Rumors also state that Walkman and Motorola also have a similar thing but the ends don't fit correctly into the ipod socket.

Another problem that is occurring with the Ipod Touch Phone is that it can only be used in an area with free Wireless connection to the internet, therefore this phone could only be used in places such as Home, School, Maybe Work, Macdonald's, Starbucks, Apple Stores, etc. But most people believe that its perfect to have an emergency phone in case their phone is out of battery or runs out of credit etc.
Example one:
Person 1: Oh crap! How can Bob pick us up from the airport if my phone is out of battery and there are no pay phones near us?
Person 2: Its ok, lets just go to Macdonalds and use their free Wifi to call Bob on your Itouch phone!
Person 1: Hey thats a great idea! Thank you Person 2!
Person 2: My pleasure Person 1.

Example 2:
Person 1: Oh Noes! I just broke my skype phone!
Person 2: Thats ok, just use skype on your itouch!
Person 1: OMGZ It works!
by WhatsherfaceBBQ July 14, 2009
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Brb2 is the term that is typed to a friend whist chatting on an instant messenger or chatroom. Brb2 - as opposed to Brb1/Brb - means that you need to leave the conversation for a while but not because of a task that must be completed, but because of a parent or guardian walking into the room.
Basically, if someone is on ICQ looking for a hot date, and you mum walks in, instead of saying BRB (to which the other person might think you just left the conversation and then leave themselves) you say BRB2 to state that you have not left, but are waiting for someone in the room to leave before you can start chatting with them again.

Example one:
Woman: asl?
Man: 25/m/Living by myself in England
Woman: That sounds sexy, you really live away from your parents?
Man: Yeah - They live in America
Woman: Thats so hot.
Man: Crap my mum, BRB2
Moderator: LOLZUFAIL!
by WhatsherfaceBBQ July 14, 2009
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EXP4EXP is the abbreviation for Experience for Experience. This term is mainly related to high school graduates or folks at university or collage looking for a job, but sadly it seems that every job that they looks for needs the worker to have some personal experience.

These people might after a while become depressed since they can't find a job because they need experience, and they can't get experience because they need a job.

Just like the term "You need money to get money", during the recession the term has switched to "You need experience to get experience".
Person 1: Hey Person 2, hows the job finding going along?
Person 2: Oh not too good, you know how it is, EXP4EXP.
Person 1: Yeah dude, I know what you mean, for 6 months I haven't had one interview because of EXP4EXP.
by WhatsherfaceBBQ July 14, 2009
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The term used to describe the similar texture of sperm being related to a bottle of sunscreen therefore using it as a practical joke by filling a bottle of sunscreen with sperm and handing it to another.
Person one: Dude! Bill was such a dipshit to me yesterday!
Person two: Yeah dude! I know what you mean, he was a dipshit to me too!
Person one: Dude, we should totally get back at him, want to give him some spermscreen?
Person two: Yeah! Haha!
by WhatsherfaceBBQ July 14, 2009
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Also refereed to as "wet patches" or "sweat patches", Exclamation Marks are the shape of sweat patches that ladies usually leave on a plastic chair or a rubber floor when sitting for an extended amount of time. This is because the heat extracted from the leg skin and inner crack gets trapped and sits between the end of the crack and the middle of the upper thighs - since the thighs are almost placed together just leaving a bit of room. This leaves a mark of sweat on the chair in the shape of an exclamation mark because it is conveying the shape of the ladies crack, upper thighs and lower ass. Some ladies are seen sliding off their chairs instead of getting up straight away in order to wipe away the exclamation mark before anyone else (preferably the boyfriend) sees.

Another reason for this is that when girls are with their boyfriends they get nervous and start to sweat on their upper thighs, therefore leaving a mark in the shape of an exclamation mark.
Example One:
Girl one: Holy crap I was so nervous when Jim took me out to dinner, and because I was so nervous I left a massive exclamation mark on the chair! I sure hope he didn't notice.

Girl two: I know what you mean, I hate plastic chairs because I'm always leaving exclamation marks on them! Why can't these places just buy normal chairs with Cotton Covers, that would help out so much because there are so many girls who have to deal with this problem!

Example two:
(On a sign at a fancy restaurant)
Lady members visiting the restaurant are reminded to place towels on the chairs before sitting down, in order to avoid leaving Exclamation Marks.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Signed: The Committee.
by WhatsherfaceBBQ July 14, 2009
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Jewtsu is the purposed misspelling of the term Jutsu.

A stereotypical view on people who study Judaism states Jewish people have a higher intelligence level to other people in the society, and therefore when they portray clever theories or create clever contraptions, it is said jokefully that they are using a Jewstu or Jew Jutsu.
Jewish man: I just figured out the 2,547th denominator of a quadratic when pie is replacing the 4th and 5th indecy!
Other man: Christ that is some Jew Jewtsu you got there!
by WhatsherfaceBBQ July 14, 2009
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