A chat-programm (I SEEK YOU) where you can instant message people in your list.
People first get an ICQ number
which can be send to others so that they can add you to their buddies list.
Fortunantly, there is an "AUTHORIZE" option ,
so random people can't add you if you don't want it when they found
you through the search option.

The best option is the Invisible Mode:
people can't see your online status,
except if you want them.

You can add them into your visible list. In contrast to that, there is also an Invisible-list.

ICQ makes very unsociable if you talk to many people. It's a real time killer.
Only use it for talking to friends from the realworld.

ICQ will make you unsociable...

BIG(through ICQ):"hey reppuken,let's go to the cinema"
Reppuken :"kk"
by Bari June 19, 2005
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Instant messenger claiming to have millions of users.

It ranks #4 in Download.com

Yet YOU dont use it and nobody you know does either.
NormalDude: Hey whats your MSN?
NormalGal: Hey you got aim?

Loser: You want my ICQ number?

by k3nt2 April 13, 2008
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A rather well made instant messenging program that is unfortunately plagued by spam-bots and worda/s/ler/words.
Person1: I would enjoy communicating with you further over the ICQ service.
Person2: Yes, I would find that rather enjoyable.
by PoptartKing September 23, 2003
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a popular instant messaging program.
ex. did you get my icq msg?

ex. send those files over icq!
by g0207 December 12, 2002
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A lame Instant Messaging service, where you get a lame number that is your chatting ID, that can hardly be remembered.

gets totally thrashed by MSN Messanger.
Amanda: My ICQ is: 43943693735
Me: Yeah whatever fag, get MSN or you are dumped.
by Cloud November 23, 2004
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Used to be a really cool chat program in the 90s before MSNmessenger was popular and before the whole safety in cyberspace was an issue. Mostly used by perverted sex freaks who rarely made any effort to conceal their age and intentions, a fact not helped by the various types of searches like 'romance' and a search engine which revealed many users when a typical screen name like 'angel' is typed in. This chat program (i don't know about now) made an "uh oh" sound whenever the user received a message. Pretty annoying when 5 people are trying to message you at once.
"Uh oh...uh oh...uh oh"
"gee, you're really popular on ICQ"
by Kremlin July 11, 2006
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I Seek You. An instant message program with a lot of advanced options. However, of later after AOL bought it, it became less compatable with MAC users and has bigger adds in the boxes and mail screen.

I advice downing the so called "old" 95/98 version fot better compatability.

Still the only IM that supports real real-time chatting in a chatroom.

go to www.icq.com for the program
"wanna send that MP3 trough ICQ?"
"next time yur on ICQ, message me will ya?"
by Killy the Fox April 4, 2004
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