A date with a high likelihood that it will end in sex.
Guy: I got a hot date with Tina tonight. I better bring a few condoms along.
by Triple Double March 18, 2013
The person saying this does not, in fact, have a date, and will spend the night watching television alone and then crying themselves to sleep.
Al: Gotta hurry home, man, I've got a hot date tonight!
Vince: Yes, of course you do.
by Zerotime February 17, 2009
Generally used sarcastically to exaggerate the appeal of a date. The date may or may not be real, and although the date might actually be "hot", as in exciting, it's just as likely to not exist at all or be boring.
Are you going on a hot date tonight?
Yes. With my Mom.
by RustyBucky April 15, 2011
used between girls to designate a friendly outing as a one on one event.
lisa: i have no friends.
amanda: well, naomi and i are having a hot date on friday night, but i guess you can come. maybe.

erin: let's go to that production of rent on saturday. it'll be a hot date.
erica: ok yay. we haven't hung out in forever.
by yay monkeys April 9, 2006
One who wears bright red lipstick on a date with a sexy person in the hopes to savagely makeout with their face.
I had my hot date lips all made up so I could seduce my teacher into having an affair with me.
by Shelbaycwhoopthazme March 31, 2011
“women so hot pls date me” and u can add ur own words after or before that
by isksjdjjsndjsjsjd lol January 5, 2021