What people who can't read words completely call an iPod Touch.

iTouch has been a Logitech keyboard series for about 10 years.
-My keyboard is an iTouch.
-You use an iPod as a keyboard, how did you do this?
-No, moron... I bought it 10 years ago, iEverything didn't even exist!
by Meeeeeeeeeeee12345 November 01, 2007
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what retarded people -who simply cant pronounce ipod touch-call the ipod touch.
Kayla: omg i just go an itouch!
Ashley:why the hell do you call it that?
by omfg all names are taken December 24, 2008
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the new ipod. does everything the old one does but uses flash memory instead of a hard drive. looks like the new iphone
ipod classic, nano, iphone, shuffle itouch
by fanland September 22, 2007
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Jim: What did you do Saturday night?
Bob: I didnt have a date, so I just interfaced with the iTouch.
by Spenc3rr November 04, 2007
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the iTouch for French people or douches.

See also: iPhuck
I have an abundance of iTouches.
by katyjessa August 24, 2009
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Simpler way of saying iPod Touch. Frequently a disregarded word by douchebags who will constantly badger you for saying iTouch and not iPod Touch. Basically, macfags who will always blindly suck the iCock, and apple employees are the only people who think this matters.
Next time some douchebag gives you shit for saying iTouch, shorten them down to simply "d-bag" just to stay consistent.
by zxczxc July 15, 2010
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a person who feels the need to tap the screen of your touchscreen device while passing by.
1-hey, that guy just touched my iPhone!

2-i know, i hate those iTouchers....
by mtndew103 April 21, 2009
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