How people who will never get in spell college.
If you write an essay entitled "Why I Want To Go To Collage", you will be rejected immediately by the admissions board of most colleges outside of Alabama.
by Socialist REALism August 22, 2006
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I’m making a collage with all these photos to put up in my room.
by Lolliv August 11, 2018
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The act of gluing magazine pictures of things you will never have/be on a piece of paper and staring at it for several hours until all of your problems are resolved. Many people, mainly males between the age of 1 and death, do not collage. they are known as Non-Collagers.
Jared: i made a collage in kindergarten once
Mitch: i don't do that, collaging ain't my thing
by NONcollager November 28, 2010
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n. Fr. a dumbass who wrote a hate mail to internet celebrity Maddox, ~2001 AD; more at college Dyseducational facility attended by jocks and cheerleaders who generally have about a 1.2 GPA rounded off nicely with that C they got in Wood Shop. Usu. considered idiotic.
"...i was recently accepted to play for the Vancouver junior football team, which may lead to collage ball, or even the CFL, which could very well lead to the NFL... now tell me that i'm not going anywhere playing football?..."
by OmniScourge February 1, 2005
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When you take a bunch of pictures of people's junk (from the Internet), make a collage out of them on Word or Paint, photocopy a shitload, and plaster all over coworker's cubicle, office, windshield.
Randall: "Johnson's makin' me work late this Friday!"
Todd: "Dude, you know what you gotta do?"
Randall: "What?"
Todd: "You gotta do some collaging in his fuckin' office!"
by Amda Michael Ydoom November 29, 2010
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The worst secondary school in the united kingdom. unlucky if your parents forced you
"fuck me im moving to swanmore collage"
by gcsephysicsisfuckingshite September 13, 2020
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