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Inside the perimeter. Used in Atlanta to let people know you live inside the 285 beltway or "Ther Perimeter". Opposite of OTP, Outside the Perimeter - of course.

Many ITP'ers like to shun the OTP'ers.
I hate commuting 400 ITP every day! I sure wish I could find a great job OTP.
by Timmy April 11, 2005
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"in this picture"

Used much as one would use the acronym "ITT:"
ITP: A chick trying her hardest to look just like every other Myspace chick in existence.
by The One and Only Emo Emu October 20, 2007
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In the pants, can be used as a sexual term when a guy sees a hot girl and declares to a buddy what he would like to do to her. Can also be used to state where you love someone.
God dammit I'd love to have that ITP.
by Caz_B November 03, 2007
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Stands for "In The Pussy." A woman you want to fuck so much, you'll take the risk of injecting semen into her. Hence, "in the pussy."
Zeke: Look at that! Mwuah!

by Kracky McKraken June 20, 2009
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I.T.P.= Intent To Party

You say it when you just want to get wasted and party like a rockstar.
"Were going to Jared's this weekend with hella I.T.P."


by Slappin Poot January 27, 2010
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to have energy
His itp amount allowed him to run faster
by cyfer April 11, 2004
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