1. A despised person; a moron; an ineffectual person; one with a habit of being wrong, loudly and often.
"I'm Steve!"
"Ah, I've heard of you, dipshit."
by lemon juice July 16, 2006
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the dumbest piece of shit you'll ever meet;
also known as a dumbass
nick cappa
-"nick cappa is such a dipshit"
by Microbiology December 31, 2010
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the act of spitting smokeless tobacco dip while also shitting on the toilet simultaneously.
I didn't finish my dip yet, so I was just dipshitting at that time.
by Outlawdipper August 04, 2009
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(1)Someone who is stupid or someone elses bitch.
(2)One who has moronicly stated the obvious.
(3)A person who has fallen for something easily, and thus had his body dipped in shit by those who own him.
(1)"Get me a fucking soda, dipshit."

(2)Michael: "Thats a flower."
Richard: (sarcasticly)"No, it's Jesus, you dipshit."

(3) "You my good friend, are a dipshit."
by ProjectSOBER April 05, 2003
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some one that is a dip shit best when used in the phrase in dipshitical moron... something i made up, to be used when some one is pissing you off and you cant think of any thing else to say, but you want to use something original.. so here you are...
leave me the fuk alone you immature dipshitical moron!!
by ms.deziemay February 10, 2010
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