You must wait 6 months before dating a bros ex
Hey bro I’m going to date you ex
No you can’t it’s not 6 months

Oh yeah right bro code
by Dirt bike boy May 21, 2018
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After a couple has been dating for 6 months, it is now safe for them to have sex, and not regret it.
"Mark and Jamie had sex!? But they forgot the 6 month rule! Oh shit!"
by MMjr October 16, 2008
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Pretty quick turn around. Did she trade up or did she trade down? In inches I mean. I'm guessing... Up!

Hym "But... Your daughter also isn't beautiful.... Objectively. I mean... I'd fuck but that doesn't really mean anything (because I'd fuck 80% of the women that exist according to the empirical data). And I mean in the face, specifically. The body is nice 👌 but still it's like that weird assembly of genes where they end up looking like their father. I could cite a couple of examples but the people I'm thinking are still objectively attractive because their fathers are objectively attractive. Not that physical attractiveness is relevant for men (as a fat cock and earning potential supercede all else). So... Yeah, sorry... What was his name Andre? Was it bigger or smaller than the new one? If it's the former then that's called 'monkey branching.' except it usually relates to earning potential.
6 months is a pretty quick turn around. I just saw that in my feed and it was kind of funny because insinuated that she liked fat cocks and then I heard about the divorce and I was like 'oh no! Maybe I was wrong!' but if the new one has a fatter meatier cock then I'm still CORRECT. Which is good. I like being that. And you've already done so much to show everyone how many brilliant observations I've had and substantiated a lot of the things I've said (which I really appreciate because I ended up drawing all of the same conclusions as these great thinkers). So... What do you think of that?Huh? It's weird that that 6-8 metric also applies to women though... That's interesting... Not important though because it's my fault and I'm wrong, right? So... Yeah, that's hilarious. It's hilarious that you said that and it's hilarious that you couldn't hack it. We all know (and you've admitted that you use comment sections for the little dopamine kick you need to ameliorate you depression) left because you couldn't take it. But you're perfectly willing to condemn me to a fate that you (yourself) couldn't handle. Like walking through a park and having anyone come up and yell at you. Except I have to just deal with it in real life and can't just leave Twitter. Oh? If there something wrong with that? Is there something wrong with people doing that?"
by Hym Iam June 9, 2022
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To stop brushing your teeth in the 6 months in between dentist appointments right up until your next check-up, just to see what your dentist says.
Guy 1: Dude, Mike's breath smells like shit

Guy 2: Yea dude, he's 4 months in to his 6 month challenge

Guy 1: Oh that explains it, tell him good luck for me
by zakacer May 31, 2011
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the act of participating in a foursome with your partner and two close friends the day before your 6 month anniversary
Pam: Hey Jim, how was your 6 month anniversary ?
Jim: It was great, but i enjoyed my 6 month eve much better, i can’t wait to have another foursome in 6 months you should join !
by daddybear456 February 9, 2019
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