You must wait 6 months before dating a bros ex
Hey bro I’m going to date you ex
No you can’t it’s not 6 months

Oh yeah right bro code
by Dirt bike boy May 21, 2018
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After a couple has been dating for 6 months, it is now safe for them to have sex, and not regret it.
"Mark and Jamie had sex!? But they forgot the 6 month rule! Oh shit!"
by MMjr October 15, 2008
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To stop brushing your teeth in the 6 months in between dentist appointments right up until your next check-up, just to see what your dentist says.
Guy 1: Dude, Mike's breath smells like shit

Guy 2: Yea dude, he's 4 months in to his 6 month challenge

Guy 1: Oh that explains it, tell him good luck for me
by zakacer May 30, 2011
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the act of participating in a foursome with your partner and two close friends the day before your 6 month anniversary
Pam: Hey Jim, how was your 6 month anniversary ?
Jim: It was great, but i enjoyed my 6 month eve much better, i can’t wait to have another foursome in 6 months you should join !
by daddybear456 February 08, 2019
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