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The word Bespoke came from the 1600's and meant something had "Been spoken for."

The modern use of the word bespoke means to be custom made exactly to a customers personal preference with absolutely no level of detail or expense spared.
I went to Honk Kong to buy a beautiful bespoke tailor made suit. Even with the travel and hotel costs, it was still a fraction of the cost of what it would be to have one made by a tailor on Savile Row.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 July 26, 2018

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Serial Killer
Armed Robber
The list goes on and on......

To sum him up in one Jeremy Clarkson like sentence "He's the angriest man....IN THE WORLD!!!"
When I was first introduced to Trevor Philips I was in for a real shock. He was in his stinky infested trailer watching the news whilst giving anal to some rough biker dude's woman, no fucks given.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 July 02, 2019

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Something people try to avoid nowadays.
Running a small business takes a tonne of commitment and hard work.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 January 25, 2018

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“Oh for fuck sake” is probably the first things one shouts out whenever times are tough and he/she just can’t handle it.
Person 1: OMG!! That stupid bastard has just reversed into your new Jaguar. Person 2: Oh for fuck sake!!
by WHISKEYMAN1234 January 28, 2018

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When someone is forbidden, usually as a punishment.
Person 1: Did that asshole drunk driver who killed your son get life behind bars?. Person 2: I wish, Instead he received a hefty fine and was banned from driving for 5 years. Good old justice is no more.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 January 24, 2018

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To have diarrhoea or loose stools
I had oysters for the first time ever, I soon regretted it when I woke up with the screaming shits the morning after.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 October 09, 2018

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Anal Intercourse (mostly with gay men.)
Old geezer: So how was your first day cleaning the bathrooms at Swallow's gay bar?

Cleaner: It was vile!! but pretty funny...... OMG those cubicles were something else!! There was cum, blood, and lube all over the tiles. Numerous rubber johnnys everywhere, some of them were coated in diarrhea. There were lube bottles, wrappers, fag butts and ashes scattered around, and all those needles I found in the bin. The place was a fuckin mess bruv. Oh, and you'll never guess who I saw.

Old geezer: Tell me..

Cleaner: Auntie Lee was there, I saw him in the cleaning room, naked and getting rimmed by some fat bloke. He was crying his eyes out whilst telling the man how much he loves him.

Old geezer: (Laughs) You'll see worse than that the longer you work there son. I know jobs are scarce nowadays but I did warn you about working in those kind of places. Just don't drop your marigolds when cleaning the toilets and if you do leave em for fuck's sake!!! Just like prison, those dirty queers just love pouncing on and pushing poo.

Cleaner: Shit!! I'll remember that.
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by WHISKEYMAN1234 July 02, 2019

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