A man with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.
I miss my Grandfather.
by ImClementine November 9, 2018
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Father of your dad a living and caring man in your eyes that will always be there for you he would do anything for you and give his one life for yours is not going standing man that is courageous ,brave ,and loving
by Usa_Dee January 12, 2018
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The person who turns you into a man and makes sure you aren't in bad health.
My grandfather is the older version of a badass role model who won't take shit from anybody.
by The Jester of Madness! September 21, 2015
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An extremely powerful evil adult that once ruled the world with an iron fist while forcing children to work in Tapioca Factories.
Father: The one evil greater than I is, Grandfather!
by Christerphopher May 17, 2015
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When someone soaks their hands in water, making them wrinkly, and gives you a handjob.
Jesse gave me a grandfather last night, it reminded me of my grandpa.
by Chip Douglas II September 27, 2010
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To include a subject in some sort of plan or policy under old rules, terms and/or conditions, usually because new regulations may exclude said subject. After a rule change, new rules and regulations apply to new members (the new rules could in fact say "no new members"), unless the members were "grandfathered in" (e.g. old, existing subjects who became members before the rule change), in which case, the old rules still apply.
Learnthespanish.com began charging a fee of $5.00 per month starting in November of last year. Members who established accounts on their websites before then however, were grandfathered in, which means that they can continue to use their services for free.
by Tatertoot March 14, 2016
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To allow a subject to continue to function under an old rule, plan or policy, even after changes to that rule, plan or policy has been made. The change to the rule, plan or policy may include the abolishment of the rule, plan or policy itself.
DuJour Cellular is phasing out the ABC cell phone plan soon, but they're grandfathering members with existing ABC plan subscriptions. Grandfathered ABC plan subscribers can continue to use their old plans, but new subscriptions will not be allowed.
by Tatertoot March 14, 2016
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