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Lawyers are a sub-group of liars who can turn a given piece of evidence to have quite polar & opposite meanings depending upon their oratory or other skills in Court. Such skills are typically ambiguous phrases or animal sounds that are easily interpreted without clarity to mean all things to all hopeful parties without facts. Lawyers are the most dangerous of parasitic criminals being relentless, focussed in on all a Client's tangible assets & cash in hand neatly supported and thus protected by an ostensibly just Justice System of ex-lawyers themselves and law enforcement officers.
That lawyer QC offered a part time single parent teacher a pro bono Direct Access engagement stating "buy me a coffee if we win". The QC won then promptly chased her across three countries escalating his 'free' costs to £360,000 (2019 money), taking her home, her mother's home, her father's home and even her ex-husband's home then leaving her unemployed through disgrace but hey his integrity remains, because he lives by his words: "There are only two kinds of people: Predators & Victims.. don't be a victim!"
by VapourTrail July 21, 2019
'clarifying proposal' or 'defining resolution' or 'defining proposal' is a summary that is also used to reveal an underlying problem to an obfuscating author such as a conman without giving away awareness (by the victim) of the conman's scam.
I am an agent with a buyer who wishes to buy your property but we wish to carry out due diligence first so we offer a deposit whilst conveyancers are engaged. The con is that the agent takes a commission from the conveyancer then the purchase falls through. The seller does not wish to reveal their suspicion of the con so offers a 'clarifying proposal' being: instead of a deposit let the buyer pay all the seller's conveyancer fees.
by VapourTrail May 6, 2021
Often mistaken for a form of social anxiety Dumassphobia is the fear of being socially trapped with stupid people, for instance, at parties
I went to a Halloween party where the clique started talking about spiritual control of the establishment, always requiring 'blood'and being a negative force but that the universe being energetic was therefore like a battery and had to subsequently have a positive side as well. Also that viruses are no kind of life and therefore cannot be contagious. they relied upon pseudoscience to talk a pseudo intellectual banter. I left, quietly, because I have the condition: dumassphobia
by VapourTrail October 31, 2021
Meek: those who have weapons but choose not to use them being in the correct moral position; their harmlessness is dependent upon fear of their inner controlled monster
The Meek shall inherit the Earth. The Globalist Establishment with their unsurmountable law enforcement & justice systems inherit the Earth 'now' & beyond.
by VapourTrail August 2, 2020
Possibly of East London origin, typically, meaning a weak polite form of 'no' but often 'Nah' is a negative when the speaker is certain that the listener is incorrect and both know that fact for certain but the listener is doublethinking themselves into belief.
"My boyfriend wants to marry me but he isn't ready to get married.. we both have houses to sell before we move on.. my boyfriend needs to sort his shed out before we can get married and support each other but for now he's put me on the game to help out.. I do have my 'hero' and he wants to marry me"
by VapourTrail July 19, 2021
Describes a state when an object has 'deteriorated' through negative behaviour that the only positive way forward is to have said 'object' 'deleted'.
Describes a state when an object has 'deteriorated' through negative behaviour that the only positive way forward is to have said 'object' 'deleted'.

That lawyer from a fatherless, impoverished background never achieved any respectable competence but carefully selected meek clients whom he overcharged late, tortured daily, plundered their substantial assets leaving them to struggle both psychologically & financially even suggesting suicide to his clients. This lawyer was driven only by money & frowned upon the artistic or spiritual that he could never comprehend. He married a prostitute after accidentally getting pregnant & taught his son nothing but greed to justify as normal his own clearly abhorrent character. Such an object is justifiably subject to deletion through irrecoverable deterioration or subject to be deleteriorated.
by VapourTrail June 24, 2020
Premeditated Manslaughter is when your lawyer conives your life into a living hell of their plundering your rights & assets bringing collateral damage to your family provoking you into re-action with the ultimate defence!
Mayuko: Did you hear about Big John McLintock QC who stripped one too many clients of their life savings and assets?
Phil: What again? I'd heard about his ex-client whom he left penniless retired & unable to fend for herself financially who committed suicide?
Mayuko: Yeah, but this time the Client reacted- ran him splat sideways with a heavily modified Norton Commando Speedster Twin 750; Client claimed an accident after being driven mad by Big John he had it all planned, I reckon: 'Premeditated Manslaughter'.
Phil: Good luck using the premeditated murder defence against ... Anyhow, didn't you hear: Karma justice? JohnMcLinden had an affair with the Black Widow whom he got off for murder but her Russian gangster boyfriend arranged an execution. Of course, She still walks free!
by VapourTrail October 13, 2019