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horrible condition where a overwhelmingly fear occurs in social settings. Self consciousness and fear arise when situations like speaking in public and being the center of attention is present. The person automatically thinks that everyone is looking, judging, or humilating him or her. People with are a little weird but NOT FREAKS; Im a cool dude.

The horrible thing is that this condition is known by few, the cause is unknown, and sever symptoms such as a increasing heart rate, muscle twitches, sweating, and feeling warm.

People who dont know it will never understand it, and unfortunately I am one of the 13% of the population that have it and what makes it even more fucked up is that Im in school where it really fucks me up. Its fuckin sad and nothin to laugh or fuck around wit. People with this are loners too. On a good note, I dont have it severly where people stay in their home for years but people will never understand it.
teacher: Today we'll have an oral presentation, each 40 minutes

me: FUCK!
by TruRapFan January 27, 2005
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Social Anxiety is the worst form of Mental Disorder, and no one can understand it, without having yet lived with it. Always feeling Humiliated, fear of humiliation, breaking out with sweats, and then feeling even more embarrassed of your sweat and feeling as if everyone is staring at it. It can be a snowball effect. We love to be alone because being alone means actually feeling relaxed, unwatched, and unjudged. It is a very sad thing to live with.

It is very hard for anyone with social anxiety to have any normal form of conversation. Over-examing the words and gestures that other people say or do, and eventually ending up feeling embarassed or humiliated for not saying the right thing, or the funny thing, or the cool thing. Our minds race and race and race all the time, every second of the day we are judging ourselves, trying to change ourselves, trying to relax ourselves, trying to understand ourselves, trying to label ourselves, and trying to understand where we fit in in this world. This is just a glimpse of what rollercoasters through our brain, constantly. Never rest. It is truly a terrible disorder.

We are cool people, we just cant HELP it.
A "normal" person may feel an incredible sadness when a loved one passes away, an intense fear when in a traffic Collision, or extreme nervousness when given a large responsibility.

Now, imagine all three (and more) of these feelings being combined and pounded into a single person every second of the day, every day of the year, and every year of their life. It is intense, but the person with social anxiety, must cope.
by InDyingClowns March 28, 2011
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Characterized by extreme self-consciousness. A condition in which the subject may be consistently nervous, fearing judgement and over-rationalizing, taking things apart to much, often worrying about what others may think of them, not to mention feeling like they are always being looked at.
I think that wierd guy who comes in here now and then, the one who always seems kind of nervous and doesn't make eye contact, has social anxiety. Sucks.

All socially anxious people should unite and start a community together. Approach your fellow nervous wreck. Also, socially anxious people should all date each other, because it's near impossible to get along with others. Fuck everyone else, there's nothing wrong with us.
by Chuck October 05, 2003
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A mental disorder that stops people from living the lives that they had always dreamed of.
Everyday when you step foot outside of your house, it's like constant anxiousness, and you can't really do anything.
It's horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
It can get so bad that people can't leave their houses becuase it's not worth it.
You'll never understand what it's like, unless you have it yourself. A lot of people think that it's people overreacting and being shy, but they really have no clue.
This disorder often comes with other disorders, like depression, bipolar, etc.
This disorder can be treated successfully (I think/hope...), but people with social anxiety are too scared or embarassed to ask for help. I think that many people get misdiagnosed when they do ask for help. So many people turn to drugs or alcohol to help them find relief.
People with S.A.D. are misunderstood and I get in trouble becuase I don't talk loud enough and don't do homework assignments (like book reports) so that I don't have to do oral presentations. I can't leave my house by myself.
And a really miserable part of any anxiety disorder is panic attacks which cause people with the disorder to think they're dying or going crazy.

I always dream about what it would be like to not have social anxiety disorder. I can't imagine what it would be like to have one day where I could do everything I've ever imagined. If I ever get treated, or somehow magically it goes away (which I know it never will), I'm going to do everything that I can't do now.
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes April 02, 2008
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An anxiety disorder characterized by extreme self-consciousness in normal social situations, including the fear that one is being judged or observed by all those around them. Social anxiety causes people to fear being humiliated or embarrassed much more than is normal. People with social anxiety disorder know that their fear is irrational and yet still avoid any situation in which they may be evaluated or judged.

Social phobics, like those with Avoidant Personality Disorder, may develop defences against their fears, such as denying that they fear social situations or defending themselves through insensetivity.
Holy crap, a factual entry into Urban Dictionary?!

A person with social anxiety may avoid public speaking.
by Lord of the Pies March 25, 2006
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characterized by extreme fear of social situations and fear of embarrassment

people who have this often want to do something with their lives, but dont do anything because they are to afraid to go outside. creates a painful mental cage. Groundwork for other illness like depression and addiction to mmorpg's

Cured by either taking in alot of drugs to numb the pain so you can force yourself to a bar..

or going to therapy for years spending countless amounts of money
goth: oh man my girlfriend just broke up with me!! my life sucks so bad imma gonna go cut myself and buy dark clothes!!

guy with Social anxiety: atleast you can get a girlfriend ><
by blardymcblarblar101 March 31, 2010
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