to inform some body or to hook them up with something
yo dunn put me on with that girl you know round your way
by annoymous October 24, 2004
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to be the middle man between the meeting of two people
“bro put me on with her”

“ok man, i’ll tell her about you and give her your social media
by jeyfum May 09, 2021
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lil' bitch put me on blast on MTV
"yeah, he's cute but I think he's married to Kim, hehe!"
by boom boom b July 26, 2004
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When somebody says "put me on with somebody" it usually means that that person wants you but the don't wanna tell you straight up.
by Theseshnuts March 05, 2017
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When something or someone excites you, you have been put in the pocket. See Tabi Bonney.
Yo that girl looks fine, she put me in the pocket.
by ThugDoubt October 15, 2006
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An expression used in order to convey incredulity, disbelief, or even surprise.

Are you kidding me?
Are you pulling my leg?
A: Jacob called me yesterday saying that he won the lottery!
B: Are you putting me on?
by IbisRedibis August 01, 2011
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