to delete or remove parts from the content
a deletion mutation takes place in the DNA which leads to a change in the offspring
by pharosPT April 10, 2016
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A phrase that went through Hillary Clinton’s head when she was checking her email; A term often used by Foxslayer57 that he says whenever he gets the chance
Foxslayer57: The other team is controlling me
Wpkoski & PortedData: that’s one of Rey’s abilities
Foxslayer57: DELETE IT!!!

Hillary Clinton: *checks email*

Hillary Clinton’s Thoughts: Delete it, do it
by PortedData February 6, 2018
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The meme version of Delete it fat, the phrase is used when commenting on an image that one thinks should be removed, though most often for sarcastic reasons. Usually accompanied by a meme showcasing someone pointing a gun at something, in this case the original image.
*Sees offensive post*
*Posts meme*
*Types "Delet this" in chat along with meme*
by GreatswordGuts August 15, 2016
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To utterly destroy someone in a fight, either in real life or in online games.
-After 3 guys all shot the same enemy in a game of COD
"Damn man, that dude just got deleted!"
by Necron681 February 13, 2015
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When you drink an alcoholic beverage so quickly that it essentially vanishes from existence. Also used to describe a person who gets obliterated by alcohol to the point that their brain essentially vanishes leading to an array of incomprehensible decisions and the person subsequently passing out before they make it to their bed.
"Buddy was just absolutely deleting beers last night "

"Dude, he was completely deleted by 11pm"
by The Roost August 8, 2016
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A condition marked by an urge to clear your inbox by batch-deleting all your unread e-mail, regardless of content.
Your inbox is peppered with unread messages going back three months, because you only ever read messages that appear important at the time you're checking. Eventually, you become stressed out every time you open your email and see something like "New Messages (257)." You then have an attack of DELETITIS which involves selecting all unread messages and deleting them, regardless of sender or subject. Now it says "New Messages (0)." Now you're caught up.

On phone: “Sorry I missed the family reunion, Mom... Yes..., I kno... yes, Mom, I know you emailed me the date and time but I had deletitis last week. Yes it IS an excuse... Yes it is... Is too... Is too...”
by kickbuck May 24, 2011
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