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A rifle that a soldier takes into battle. It is not officially called a battle rifle, however, as that is actually the name of one of the human weapons in the popular X-box game Halo 2. That is a very awesome game, by the way.
Rifles have been used in military battles since the 1770s, but they were few in number, and only performed half as well as rifles in the mid-1800s. Battle rifles truly gained widespread use and acceptance during the Civil War, when whole brigades and army divisions were armed with famous guns known as Springfields, Enfields, Sharps', Colts, Spencers, and Henry's. The last two mentioned were the first repeating-fire weapons, and led to further technological developments in the future.
The American World War II Infantry private provided cover-fire for his comrades charging across the beaches at Normandy with his M-1 Garand Battle Rifle.
by Union Soldier March 28, 2005
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A great Midwestern state that represents The North, the South, and the Midwest all in one. This is because the length of Illinois runs up and down for over 300 miles: the northernmost area being along the Wisconsin border, and the southernmost area being at the confluence of the Mississippi River and Ohio River, located at the small town of Cairo (pronounced KAY-row).

The state of Illinois consists of flat plains, cultivated farmlands, rich river valleys, a few forests, and well laid-out urban cities. The largest of these cities is the major metropolis of Chicago with its massive skyline and high population of just under 3 million people. Its metropolitan, surrounding-area population amounts to an even larger 7 million people.
The second largest city is Aurora, then Rockford. Springfield and Peoria are practically equal in size, with a population of around 113,000 each. This is an awesome state that everyone should visit.
Illinois is one of the largest corn-growing states in the Union. It also manufactures a lot of farm machinery, machine tools, processed foods, construction supplies, etc. The state has a very strong industry, and an even greater commercial strength because of Chicago. Here are the headquarters of many companies; tons of banks, insurance companies, industrial corporation headquarters, etc. There is also an incredible cultural standing with its numerous museums, fashion and apparel production, arcades, multi-ethnic restaurants, and more.
by Union Soldier December 22, 2004
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The proper title for Eminem, the faggot-ass white rapper who attacks women and George Bush.
WTF, Eminem?! Are you named after a piece of candy; YOU MUST BE A FUCKIN CANDY ASS!
by Union Soldier February 27, 2005
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The second-largest city in West Virginia, with a population of more than 52,000. It has a small skyline, is located on the Ohio River, and is a commercial and industrial center for a tri-state area that includes Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.
Huntington is where Marshall university is located. It is about two hours west of Charleston.
by Union Soldier February 9, 2005
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1.) A Southerner during the 1860s. Especially those rebels who served in the Confederate armies. Even today, some Southerners are traitors. See Rebel Flag and Civil War.
2.) Modern-day liberals who protest wars, claim to support the troops while hating the president, those who voted for him, and also hating Christianity. See hippie and Bush-basher.
3.) Anyone who commits treason; betraying one's nation or a group through switching allegiances, seceding, attacking, slandering, threatening, or sabotaging said nation or group.
At the time of the Civil War, many Southerners were called Secesh by those in the North; a slang word meaning "someone who seceded (broke away) from the Union" or "traitor".
So many liberals, but not all, spew so much treasonous, anti-american hatred.
by Union Soldier March 20, 2005
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This is a strong nation with proud people, as well as great culture and diversity. This country also a rich military history. The following is a list of almost every armed conflict that the United States has ever been involved in.
-Revolutionary War: 1775-1783
-War of 1812: 1812-1815
-Black Hawk War: 1832
-Seminole War: 1841
-Mexican War: 1846-1848
-American Civil War: 1861-1865
-Spanish-American War: 1898
-World War I: *1917-1918
-World War II: *1941-1945
-Korean War: 1950-1953
-Vietnam War: 1965-1975
-Operation Desert Storm/Gulf War: 1990-1991
-War in Kosovo: 1998
-Operation Anaconda: 2001-2002
-Operation Iraqi Liberation: 2003-Present

*-Not when the war actually began; this actually displays the dates from how long the United States was involved in the conflict.
The only two wars that the United States could never claim a victory for would be the Korean War, since it ended in a cease-fire and stalemate; and the Vietnam War, because we were gradually pushed back and finally withdrew from the country at Saigon, the largest city in non-Communist southern Vietnam at that time (1975).
by Union Soldier March 23, 2005
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What I guess I'm supposed to be just because I am a Republican, am from the Midwest and I proudly voted for George W. Bush. Anyway, this is all according to liberal Democrats.
I'd rather be around rednecks than liberal emo kids anyday.
by Union Soldier February 14, 2005
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