Peoria, IL - One of the few cities left in America where the economy is still relatively stable. One of the cities that has not lived beyond it's means. Filled with people who whine about what's going on in local society without having ever ventured out to see what's going on in the real world where they're shutting Detroit down. Also known as P-town.
I'm going club hoppin in P-town tonight since all the clubs are on Main St. Peoria, IL has flaws like all cities, but is overall a good place to live.
by JoBloMe March 11, 2009
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The city of Peoria, Illinois. Also known as P-town. Basically a real-world equivalent of Spoon River, as the bulk of the population consists of people with little money, a McJob, and no hope.

Peoria is also the home of Bradley University, a pretty good private school. However, BU is overpriced and full of jocks, preps, and emo kids.
"Why did he hang himself, officer?"
'Well, he lived in Peoria."
by Teflon Don December 12, 2003
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Peoria, Illinois can simply be defined as the armpit of America. Its really that simple.
You know what is worse than Peoria?


Nothing :(
by Mr. 75093 January 26, 2009
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also know as P-TOWN. where everybody around it is a hick, and most of the people in it are ghetto. peoria has nothing to do. its a very boring town.
peoria " If you live in peoria going out to eat is your #1 thing to do with friends"
by hecaughtmexo October 11, 2008
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Used in place of "shit" or "ass" or any other word that denotes a foul odor. Derived from the fact that Peoria, IL has a distinct, nasty stench that can only be experienced if you live there.
Man, it smells like peoria in here!
Dude, you need to shower... you stink like peoria!
by I go to BU, I know September 29, 2004
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When a heterosexual male member of law enforcement fills his rectum with neutral grain alcohol (at least 180 proof) and is penetrated anally by the penis of one or more other heterosexual male(s).
Johny is not gay, he just likes to like to do the Peoria Piledriver with officer Matt O'Brien.
by Officer Matt O'Brien April 10, 2021
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