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Timmy was late to make the confluence with the others.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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It refers to a point of time or space where multiple items come together - flow together. It may be the combination of rivers, streets, or events in one's life.
It's amazing how you can see a border in the confluence between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers - and where the brown of the mississippi take over.

Oh, there's a strange confluence going on in my household - the squid is learning how to drive, and the she-wolf is expecting another child - let's top that off with my son impregnating a girl.
by Leif April 04, 2005
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Where 2 people with flu, especially SWINE FLU(Influenza A H1N1)meet. This typically happens at a corner of a hallway - a HOSPITAL HALLWAY
Dude! At the hospital today i saw two piggy people meet at a confluence! THEY SNEEZED AT EACH OTHER! Better stay away from there.
by amparojack May 12, 2009
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