Timmy was late to make the confluence with the others.
by Larstait November 15, 2003
It refers to a point of time or space where multiple items come together - flow together. It may be the combination of rivers, streets, or events in one's life.
It's amazing how you can see a border in the confluence between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers - and where the brown of the mississippi take over.

Oh, there's a strange confluence going on in my household - the squid is learning how to drive, and the she-wolf is expecting another child - let's top that off with my son impregnating a girl.
by Leif April 4, 2005
a place where urban folks can come together to discuss issues of life, faith, community and service
Let's see if we can confluence on that issue?
by Dean Cowles October 17, 2007
Where 2 people with flu, especially SWINE FLU(Influenza A H1N1)meet. This typically happens at a corner of a hallway - a HOSPITAL HALLWAY
Dude! At the hospital today i saw two piggy people meet at a confluence! THEY SNEEZED AT EACH OTHER! Better stay away from there.
by amparojack May 12, 2009
An area where multiple Fibonacci levels plotted from different trends/timeframes are in close proximity to one another when charting an equity or index.
There is fib confluence here on my chart - The stock should have strong support at this level.

Of note: The word convergence is often used by noobs and Canadians when in fact they mean to say Confluence
by MavMoney December 14, 2018