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1. An event in chess where one side is not checkmated on their turn, yet cannot make any moves that would not put their king into peril. This supposedly results in a draw, making it a strategic thing to shoot for if one is hopelessly losing.

2. An event that includes, but is not limited to war, games, and war games, in which neither side participating gains a major advantage or victory over the other for some time. In games, stalemates are usually not permanent, as it often forces one side to use up all their resources, finally giving way to a victory for the one that managed slightly more carefully.
1. It looked as if he was going to make a dominating win, but his opponent managed a clever stalemate. Better than a full out loss.

2. The Starcraft game dragged on for 2 hours, until Bob ran out of ore but Tom still had a resource base going. It was just a matter of time from there.
by Kenthar February 28, 2004
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When your friend happens to be a slice of bread and you leave him out in the air for too long.
Person 1:"Dude, you've got a stalemate"
Person 2:*Cries*
by Lissiebeth February 27, 2007
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1. Much like the chess reference, when two or more obese individuals are trying to make love but are unable to make the right parts connect due to their fat obstruction.

2. When a couple is having non-passionate sex and neither seem to be able to reach climax, so they agree to disengage and move on.
1. Jeanne & George were having a hell of a time heavy petting, but the night took a turn for the worse when their passionate attempts to make love resulted in the ever-frustrating stalemate.

2. Rich and Deb were each trying their best to will themselves to orgasm, but after 20 minutes of mindless awkward and slightly painful humping, they agreed they had reached a stalemate, turned on Seinfeld, and called it a night.
by Pam Light May 12, 2005
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When, during the act of defecation, one realizes that there is not sufficient time to finish due to difficulty of the dump, and therefore wipes prematurely.
I feel a strange pressure on my rectum because I reached a stalemate in the bathroom in order to make it to class on time.
by Boohole Pluggin May 06, 2010
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A mate that is desperately in need of a shower as their Bio has gotten to that stale stage where upon it wafts around with them everywhere they go and with everything they do.
Theo: John, you looking to jam tonight?

John: Yeh man. Been stressin' all day.

Theo: Ayt, well call Jim and tell him to bring Stevie along with him.

John: Ah man no! Forget that then, Jim's alright but why Stevie? He's become a Stalemate.
by Quantum_Q January 12, 2009
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When you are playing human chess *See human chess* and after a continuation of human chess moves, you both decide to stop moving and try to give the other person a chance to go though and it ends up feeling Very very akward. Also it may get you to end up playing Human chess again! And Again See Human Chess
Me: I hate playing Human chess!! when its at a stalemate it feels so damn akward!
by KGtheBEAST June 09, 2009
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To cum in a bottle, leave said cum in bottle until it grows moldy, then pull it out and pour it on the face of your lover when she least expects it. More disgusting than munging.
Jeff pulled a stalemate on Jenny last night, and she threw up on him.
by Chad and Jeff September 09, 2007
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