chuck bass' suite number on gossip girl.
*serena knocks on chucks door - 1812*
serena: hi chuck.
chuck: please, call me brother.
by christina1992 November 3, 2008
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The current war use a brown bess.
Not one war has ever ended.
All unvoided.
MySpace unbankrupted.
Any inhumane acts untold.
The war of 1812 just became real with the m16a2.
by Cody5050 December 22, 2022
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The act of two friends escorting two lascivious sluts to the same bedroom and proceeding to concurrently have sexual intercourse with them whilst simultaneously high fiveing each other, synchronized to the glorious finale of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.
I can't believe we just 1812'd those bitches from the club.

After a grandiose night, Dean and Jethro have successfully added the 1812 to their sexual repertoire.
by JackTheGripper August 4, 2011
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Refers to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Overture to 1812 in E Flat Major" Op. 49. It is a very famous piece and sometimes said to be one of Tchaikovsky's best works. It is commonly played during the 4th of July because of it's triumph over war sounds.
Listen for 1812 Overture during the 4th of July, you're bound to hear it sometime.
by Exhoc December 29, 2005
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A war between the British Empire and the United States of America from 1812-1815 CE. Generally considered a spin-off conflict or associated minor conflict to the Napoleanic Wars, because the original issue of the war was the United States' issues with Britain and France who blockaded American shipping that resulted from the larger war and thus violated America's rights as a neutral nation. James Monroe was president at this time. Other notable leaders were Governer Prevost of Lower Canada, General Isaac Brock, Native leader Tecumseh, and General Jackson.

Because of the geography of the conflict and the United States of America's contemporary status as a minor power, the only way for America to vent its rage against Britain was to attack Britain's possessions north of its borders. The British provinces and homelands of the emerging two nations of future Canada, Upper Canada (Ontario), and Lower Canada (Québec) as well as the American New England States were the primary theatres of conflict.

Treaty of Ghent ends War of 1812, restores status quo ante bellum. Significant loss of life and property, including vital government infrastructure from the burning of York, Upper Canada, and Washington, D.C. Despite the obvious ill feeling generated by the conflict, the Treaty of Ghent provided for the creation of commisions to deal peacefully issues between the United States and Great Britain, and later on Canada. The aftermath of the war also was notable as a dark period for the native tribes of North America, as the destruction of Tecumseh's Confederacy broke the power of the eastern Native tribes and paved the way for unchecked American expansion at their expense.


Probably the most misrepresented chapter of North American history, generations of obsessively jignostic Canadians and Americans have bent the historical facts to conclude that their nation "won" the conflict. The British, being the sane ones in this cherade, don't really care that much.

Canadians tend to assert that it was their militia had handily defeated the USA and burnt the White House. This is false, a British fleet did the deed. Canadian militia merely held their ground.

Americans tend to claim victory over the Battle of New Orleans, when this battle happened after the Treaty of Ghent was signed, and the British force could not be reached in time to inform them.
by D.I.D. March 30, 2010
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A silly war that broke out between UK/Canada and the USA that resulted in nothing good in which both sides lost a lot of men and gained nothing for it.
Now used as a stupid excuse for superpatriots from both CUNTries to slag each other off.
The was had significant victories and losses for both sides.
For example:
The Yanks captured Toronto
The Brits captured Detroit

The Yanks burnt Toronto
The Brits burnt Washington DC

The Brits failed to capture Baltimore
The Yanks failed to capture Montreal

The Brits were basly defeated at New Orleans
The Yanks were badly defeated at Queenston heights
Think I've made my point clear.
The War of 1812 was a draw, the Americans didn't win and neither did the British.
But of course with pricks such as JB and Kung-Fu Jesus using this dictionary the phrase is going to be nothing more than an exucse for Brits and Americans to horribly bash each other
by Robert Bavister August 2, 2004
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Due to disputes between the United States and Britain over impressment of US Soldiers to the British Navy and the naval blockade by Britain on Napoleonic France aswell as disputes over the Northern Territories in Canada, America declared war on Britain.
During the course of the 3-year war, America won a series of naval battles, although failing to make an impression into British territory on land due to British aggression. The most prominent of American victories being those at York (Toronto) and after the war had ended officially, at the battle of New Orleans. British forces invading America lost the battle of Baltimore and succeeded to burn Washington DC (which was saved by a heavy rainstorm).
The territory Britain did capture was handed back after the war, as were the gains of America...
What a stupid pointless conflict.
And what happened to the blockade on France? It continued! And Britain smashed the French Navy at the Battle of Trafalgar and pummeled Napoleon at Waterloo, with the help of the faithful Prussians. Thanks Germany, we know who our REAL friends are!

Just kidding, thankfully now Anglo-American relations are just peachy.
by Stuart Fletcher November 3, 2004
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