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A girl who hits on, cybers with, and acts generally sexually needy with differnet person on the internet. The girl may not be a slut in real life, becuase of multiple reasons, one being her incredable ugliness.
XSnowBAbE09X is an e-slut, she goes into AIM chatrooms and tries to cyber with others.
by Turtle January 15, 2004
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what me and calillo will do some time
andrew: suicide NOW
calillo: mother...
andrew: fine...how bout some ex?
calillo: oh cool, that's better than grabbing the ped
by Turtle May 20, 2004
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An insane person who luffs billeh and cone ^^
*points to riffin* o.o
by Turtle August 28, 2003
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A boy who acts like he has gone through puberty, but has not. Usually this act is put on to impress his friends. Most njizzles mkae up stories on their many adventures in the word of masturbation.
Smezra is a stupid njizzle.
by Turtle November 6, 2003
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a bitch that gets easily pissed
skank whore slut bitch
The ultimate dis for bitches
by Turtle October 20, 2003
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Your mom's side of the family is buddhist and your dad's side is jewish, or the other way around
shut up buju
by Turtle June 8, 2003
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