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To have an erection.
He boinged at the sight of the girl on girl action that was 89.com.
by Turtle October 22, 2003
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one who licks the poopshot.
juan is a salad tosser.
by turtle April 01, 2003
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A word that should be in the dictionary. Means shall not, or in simple english, won't.
I shalln't kill the zebra.
by Turtle October 28, 2003
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A girl who hits on, cybers with, and acts generally sexually needy with differnet person on the internet. The girl may not be a slut in real life, becuase of multiple reasons, one being her incredable ugliness.
XSnowBAbE09X is an e-slut, she goes into AIM chatrooms and tries to cyber with others.
by Turtle January 15, 2004
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Hoodbury is Woodbury but ghetto, because everyone thinks that people in Woodbury, MN are rich ass bujus who use their money for worthless things like H2 hummers
Hoodbury is so boring, all there is to do is smoke, drink, and fuck
by turtle November 21, 2004
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When smoking weed, if you take a hit and some weed goes through your piece and enters your mouth, also known as "shit on"
Fuck, your piece scoobes like a mofo
by turtle November 21, 2004
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The word a girl may say mid coitis.
"Boyang, Baby, Boyang"
by Turtle April 04, 2004
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