When you don't wanna talk to someone anymore in a low-key manner
Todd: "Jimmy I just scored a goal in soccer."
Jimmy: "oh cool"(shut up no one cares)
by McD42 November 30, 2015
When your best friend and crush start dating but you want to be supportive so you just cry on the inside.
Person 1: "So me and ____ started dating."
Person 2: "oh cool..."
by sadsmmr March 11, 2021
A phrase which describes ones general disinterest in the aforementioned thought.
Hall: Guys I totally went SOP on that ACU patterned N64. I was going so HIP, if I don't do nothin' imma ball. Total duffle bag boy.

Everyone else: Oh, cool.
by csmith2009 March 17, 2011
Something you say when someone is telling you about something that you really don't care about.
Person 1: I went to Macy's yesterday and I found a super cute top that i know Jessica would just love!

Person 2: oh cool.
by oh cool. January 14, 2018
Person 1: I'm so happy, I just unlocked this new gun!

Person 2: Oh, cool! I hope this family of yours dies. I hope they all go to hell because of what they did.
by TheAuthenticRay April 5, 2021
Oh cool, an incredible person, usually more incredible through someone else’s eyes, than their own. Very sharp, mondernly intelligent, but more so someone strong,, not tall, but very sturdy , yet soft, small but not week. Someone who could be rich yet down to earth.

If you meet a cool, never betray them, or walk away, in a new world full of new things old souls are rare.
by Dignity January 19, 2021
That’s not cool. They have little to no interest in whatever your talking about.
You: I went to the place yesterday!
Me: Oh that’s cool.
by Mysterpersonsmakss August 3, 2019