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The fandom name of blackpink ( korean girl group) formed by yg entertainment is blink.
Im a blink! I really love blackpink ๐Ÿ’—
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One of the greatest pop-punk bands of the late 90's, unfortunately, the band took an undefinate hiatus in early 2005 which broke the hearts of many fans around the world. Blink-182 touched many souls with its simple beats and melodies and remains one of the greatest bands ever to play within the 'pop-punk' genre.

Their toilet humour should never be forgotten, as many blink fans, especially the old ones, will remember that toilet humour is what made this band where it is.

After their hiatus, the band went their separate ways. Tom Delonge, former lead singer created an emo/alternative band called Angels and Airwaves whilst Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker went on to create +44, an alternative rock band.

Blink-182 lives on in all of our hearts.
In the middle of Voyeur, live in concert:

Marc: I need oxygen to the stage please.
Tom: You need...
Marc: Oxygen and oral sex to the stage please.
Tom: And maybe some of those male chromosomes...

Just one of the many quotes, Blink lives on.
by Stockholm Syndrome September 11, 2007
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An abbreviation for the popular late 90's early 00's band, Blink 182. The band had hits such as 'Dammit', 'All the Small Things', 'The Rock Show' or 'I'm Feeling This'.
I went to a Blink concert last night, it rocked!!!
by bEATLe_PauL June 03, 2005
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the act of ejaculation in short bursts. (blinks)
hayden blinked so many times as he came on shiraz, that he bled from his anal sphincter.
by sean & aaron September 23, 2004
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what you do with your eyes.
i blink in your general direction.
by hi October 18, 2004
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not only a shortened term for the popular punk band of the 90s and 00s Blink 182, but it was also their original name back when they were just starting out. Upon becoming popular they added a 182 to the name to avoid a lawsuit with an irish band who supposedly had the same name.
Tom: So do you like Blink 182?

Mark: Hell ya, ive been listening to them even before they added the 182 to their name, when they were just Blink
by Billy A. February 10, 2008
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The term commonly used to refer to using technology or magic to teleport short distances.

Used in: World of Warcraft, BattleZone II
After using the spell Blink, the enemy appeared behind us.
by Dessert101 January 19, 2008
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