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The act of vomiting, hurling, barfing, losing lunch, tossing cookies, ralfing, throwing up, yacking, retching, spewing, blowing chunks, and/or other forms of physical illness.
Steve downed a 1/2 gallon of vodka in less than an hour. He was yawning in technicolor all night.
by thoughtstipated June 14, 2008

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Will be the name of Mexican neighborhoods in Alberta. Due to Alberta's vast resources and frigid winter conditions combined with nobody's interest to work or live in -40C temperatures, Alberta is working on importing 100s of Mexicans to work menial jobs as the white-man heads for the oil patch.
For the same reason Chinatown is called Chinatown, Mexiberta will be dubbed Mexiberta. Ole!
by Thoughtstipated November 22, 2006

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The brown-nose or act of brown-nosing is also when a person removes their pants and underwear and climbs over a sleeping person so that their asshole is approximately 3 inches away from the sleeping person's face. The person performing the act punches the sleeping person in the stomach as hard as possible to wake them up. In theory, the sudden shock of being woken by the punch will cause the sleeper's head to come up and forward, thrusting their nose into the other's ass.

For added 'flavor', the person initiating the act may choose not to wipe after their last bowel movement at which point the act of ''brown-nosing'' can be referred to as the Mexican alarm clock or Sanchez's wakeup call.
1.) Hey lets brown-nose tony

2.) Last night we woke Ryan up with a Mexican Alarm Clock, he was none too pleased!

3.) When Sanchez calls, you have no choice but to answer!
by Thoughtstipated November 11, 2006

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An online STD, caught from engaging in cybersex with promiscuous partners.

I was cybering with SheCat last night, when I saw a real pic of her irl I caught pixel dick.
by Thoughtstipated November 27, 2007

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A sexual act likely performed with a hooker, stripper or some bar slut you just brought home with you.

Mix a martini up and bend your girl over in a doggy style position. Proceed to pour the martini down her ass crack whilst lapping it up in the vaginal/taint area.
Hey guys, lets pick up a hooker or two. Round of Dirty martinis on me!
by thoughtstipated November 17, 2007

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A nickname for Canada due to it's outrageously high population of middle eastern immigrants. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are all known for having lots of towel heads and sand niggers.
I live in Canuckistan, and as a white person I am a minority.
by Thoughtstipated November 15, 2006

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