Tossing cookies is a term for vomiting first coined by young men in a motel near Louisville, KY, in 1967.
After bourbon and generic oreos he hugged the commode tossing cookies.
by X.J. Reason February 19, 2009
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me and Judy were busy all night tossing cookies. We did it on top of the stove and everything
by Rickert the Baker January 18, 2011
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jake will get foodpoisoning from that shitty ass burgerking and will toss cookies all night
by papajohn October 20, 2007
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Steve : Hey guy's check it out I put pony tails on my pubes!
Kaylee : O Good Lord!
Kiersten : Uh I think I'm gonna be sick!
Jake : Hey Kaylee why is Kiersten Tossing Cookies in the bathroom?
Kiersten : Well Steve exposed his bush in front of us and made her sick!
Steve : Hey Jake check out my pubes I grew them out aren't they sexy!
Jake : Uhh! I think I'm gonna join Kiersten in the bathroom!
Chad : What The Hell Kaylee! Why is my work force in the bathroom?
Kaylee : Oh there just Tossing Cookies!
Chad : Yeah Right! He probally poundin her pussy again!
Steve : Hey Chad like my long silky pubes?
Chad : Ohh Nice! Mmmm! Ahhhh!
Kaylee : Excuse me I need to go Toss Some Cookies myself!
by SlopNChop January 29, 2018
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An expression referring to the act of regurgitation. Usually associated with regurgitaion resulting from an illness of ailment.
"I drank way too much last night. I've been tossing cookies all day long"

"She tossed her cookies all over me!"
by emanwich September 10, 2003
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