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Tossing cookies is a term for vomiting first coined by young men in a motel near Louisville, KY, in 1967.
After bourbon and generic oreos he hugged the commode tossing cookies.
by X.J. Reason February 19, 2009
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Steve : Hey guy's check it out I put pony tails on my pubes!
Kaylee : O Good Lord!
Kiersten : Uh I think I'm gonna be sick!
Jake : Hey Kaylee why is Kiersten Tossing Cookies in the bathroom?
Kiersten : Well Steve exposed his bush in front of us and made her sick!
Steve : Hey Jake check out my pubes I grew them out aren't they sexy!
Jake : Uhh! I think I'm gonna join Kiersten in the bathroom!
Chad : What The Hell Kaylee! Why is my work force in the bathroom?
Kaylee : Oh there just Tossing Cookies!
Chad : Yeah Right! He probally poundin her pussy again!
Steve : Hey Chad like my long silky pubes?
Chad : Ohh Nice! Mmmm! Ahhhh!
Kaylee : Excuse me I need to go Toss Some Cookies myself!
by SlopNChop May 04, 2018
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