Brampton is a city northwest of Toronto maybe like a 30 minute drive. Brampton is known for all the accidents the city has as well as being a minority city. The city is fill with south asians and Caribbean’s as well as having a large presence of Europeans.
Jay: yeo what city are you from?
Daniel: I’m from Brampton styll

Jay: oh word? How is it like over there?
Daniel: it’s very multicultural man, can’t complain.

Jay: cool cool, stay safe on those roads tho man.
by Brampton June 21, 2020
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City on the outskirts of Toronto with suburbs like castlemore and hoods like madoc originally Brampton was filled with wannabes but they soon became real when they struggled to find jobs and went to madoc
Guy 1: yo trying to link at a jam in madoc
Guy 2: nah fam ,Brampton’s getting crazy
by yourgirlsabattri July 07, 2018
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A suburban city northwest of Toronto, and west of Mississauga. A city with well over 500,000 people, but is known for generally being a dangerous place to live. While many residents claimed, and continue to claim that most areas of Brampton (excluding downtown) are safe, many people who live in the supposed "safe areas" say otherwise. Also very well-known for its bad drivers and generally being made fun of by residents of the surrounding cities in the GTA.
Brampton man: Brampton is the best city in the Greater Toronto Area!
Everyone else: Brampton catches bare Ls fam.

Brampton man: Bramalea City Centre is the best mall in Canada!
Sauga mans: Bramalea is just the ghetto version of Square One.

Toronto mans: Stop saying you're from Toronto fam, we can tell you're from Brampton cause you're a wasteyute.
by watrulookingm8 February 08, 2021
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It's clearly the city of L's. People call this city Browntown because of the amount of Indians living there. Many yutes catch bare L's there. 6ixbuzztv always roasts them. All mandems living there are called wasteyutes.
Mandeep: "Sup Ethan!"
Ethan: "Sup!"
Ethan: "Wait aren't you from Brampton?"
Mandeep: "YA!"
Ethan: "You a wasteyute dawg! Fuck outta here! Go back to India!!"
Mandeep: "But my nigga!"
Ethan: "Stfu wasteyute! You finna catch a deafazz!!"
by Kavisha Narayan December 25, 2018
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The slum of canada. Also known as Browntown and Bramladesh.
Please welcome your new classmate. His name is Suspreet and hes from Brampton
by 416dopeboy November 23, 2020
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Brampton is Special, Hospitable, Important, Tremendous
Brampton is really Special, Hospitable, Important, Tremendous
by Oshi01 January 24, 2019
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Brampton is home to a group growing in size greatly. The group named, "Krazy Kidz" is responsible for much of Brampton's beautiful graffiti art. Charges have been laid for other various krimes such as, Possession, Assault, Theft, Arson and more. Even tho arrests have been made, the group continues to grow and keep spreading the art and still fighting to not be taken down. Homies 4 life
"Damn them kidz is krazzzy"
KK all day
Brampton krazy kids 4 life

by Brampton rezident #1 April 04, 2009
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