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Brampton is a city northwest of Toronto maybe like a 30 minute drive. Brampton is known for all the accidents the city has as well as being a minority city. The city is fill with south asians and Caribbean’s as well as having a large presence of Europeans.
Jay: yeo what city are you from?
Daniel: I’m from Brampton styll

Jay: oh word? How is it like over there?
Daniel: it’s very multicultural man, can’t complain.

Jay: cool cool, stay safe on those roads tho man.
by Brampton June 21, 2020
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City on the outskirts of Toronto with suburbs like castlemore and hoods like madoc originally Brampton was filled with wannabes but they soon became real when they struggled to find jobs and went to madoc
Guy 1: yo trying to link at a jam in madoc
Guy 2: nah fam ,Brampton’s getting crazy
by yourgirlsabattri July 07, 2018
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Dude, I just took a huge brampton.
I just took a trip to the brampton.
by Caustic June 23, 2003
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City of Toronto,Ontario..a.k.a B-town (Boston Can Suck ****) B-Town popular for their hockey players..Rick Nash..Rick Nash..and..Rick Nash
Yo B-town is krazy..but Rexdale is betta :D
by Brampton Guy January 07, 2005
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A heavy, nasty fart that smells like death. The worst kind of fart there is, not just sound-wise but also produces a smell that requires a priest to get rid of. May also leave skid marks or be accompanied by a large crap.
Man, I have to go drop a brampton!

Did someone just squeeze out a brampton?

Fuck it stinks, did you drop a brampton?

Dude, did you inject a brampton into my car seats?

Shit bitch, I've been dropping bramptons all afternoon, somebody call a priest!

I was hoping it would be silent and nobody would notice, but it was a full brampton!
by Nigel_q November 19, 2007
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