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Our large neighbor to the north. Largest chief cities include Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnepeg, Vancouver, and Calgary. They have the flag with the well-known maple leaf in the center. They are not cowards and pansies contrary to popular belief. Canada sent thousands of soldiers to fight and die in World War I, and again in World War II, and even joined our coalition against the Communists during the Korean War.
I don't think they are weak at all. I earnestly hope that the United States and Canada shall become allies. I would be proud, as well as millions of other Americans, to have them as close friends.
I would love for Canada and the United States to have a closer, friendly relationship with one another, and to stand together against terrorism. Canada is an awesome country.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 02, 2004

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A beautiful country with a lovely culture and people, with that people consisting of incredibly gorgeous women. Great Britain is one of the United States' only true allies. As an American, I am personally proud and happy to have the British as allies. I love the British, they are an awesome people, and have the coolest accents in the world; far better than the French.
I am also proud to have over 70% of British blood flowing through my veins. I love the Motherland!
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 11, 2004

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Also nicknamed Biggie Smalls and Big, The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the biggest rappers (in terms of both physical size and popularity) in the industry. Biggie Smalls was killed by a gun-toting assassin in the late 90s.
He was an East Coast Rapper, and was loved by millions. He kicked awesome, dope rhymes with incredible ease, and made several albums. His greatest hits are "Big Poppa", "Going Back To Cali", "Would You Die For Me?", and "Juicy".
The Notorious B.I.G. is The Shit!
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 06, 2005

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a phrase that most people should be using these days. Viva La Bush!
Fuck liberals! They all suck cum from John Kerry's 1-inch dick.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary November 18, 2004

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An abbreviated nickname for Cincinnati, the largest city in southern Ohio, and the Ruler of the Ohio River.
I can't wait to go back to Cincy.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 06, 2005

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The title of the Cincinnati-based Major League Baseball team that won the 1990 World Series. They now have the Great American Ballpark as their home stadium.
The Cincinnati Reds was the first official MLB team to be formed.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary January 30, 2005

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Abbreviated name for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The other nicknames for this city include The Circle City and I-Town. Indy is a large metropolis of roughly 780,000 people of all ethnicities and races, including Hispanics and Native Americans}. This is also the term used for a popular national racing event: The Indy 500.
Indy is home to The Colts, the Indy 500, the Indiana Pacers, IU, IUPUI, Vivica A. Fox, David Letterman, and 23rd President Benjamin Harrison.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 12, 2004

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