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A large group of millions of people and politicians who are rapidly losing respect and credibility. Ever since 2001, their acts of hypocrisy and hatred for the American right has showed their true colors to the entire nation. After the disastrious presidential campaign failure by John Kerry and the badgering and racial slandering of Condoleeza Rice to prevent a voting for her being in the new secretarial position, the liberals hopes, dreams, credibility, and social/moral standing are quickly going downhill.
The lame-o-crats have lost yet another election and are currently doing everything in their power to hinder Bush's efforts. Not that they HAVE much power, anyway.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary January 25, 2005
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A Midwestern state in the United States of America. It has a population of roughly 4 million people, with the largest city being Louisville (Pop. 690,000). The next is Lexington with well over 266,000; then Owensboro with a population of 54,000, and Bowling Green with 49,000 people.
Kentucky is a state with a lot of Southern flavor and culture. However, there is also quite a bit of Northern/Midwestern influence and transplanted culture as well. It is also one out of four "Commonwealths". Overall, Kentucky is a midwestern state with mixtures of North and South, consisting of a very rich history and strong agriculture, growing products like tobacco, corn, soybeans, and green beans, raising the world's finest horses, and brewing the most bourbon in the entire Nation.
The people in Kentucky are very friendly and fun-loving.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary April 6, 2005
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A gorgeous blonde political analysist who possesses common sense, knows what she's talking about, and can match every statement or challenge made by the liberals.
Everyone should read Anne (or Ann) Coulter's books entitled "Slander" and "How To Talk To A Liberal."
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 23, 2005
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The title of the Cincinnati-based Major League Baseball team that won the 1990 World Series. They now have the Great American Ballpark as their home stadium.
The Cincinnati Reds was the first official MLB team to be formed.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary January 31, 2005
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One of the stupidest record marketing ideas ever. This is basically a two-volume load of liberal bullshit filled with punk-rock bands like Anti-Flag (hmmm...sounds appropriate for this kind of message), The Offspring, None More Black, and Social Distortion.
If you hate George W. Bush, have no actual morals, and love to be manipulated by today's pop culture, then this CD is for you!
Rock Against Bush; what better way to poison the minds of these teenagers and punk-rock wannabes than through their own music!
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 12, 2005
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Also nicknamed Biggie Smalls and Big, The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the biggest rappers (in terms of both physical size and popularity) in the industry. Biggie Smalls was killed by a gun-toting assassin in the late 90s.
He was an East Coast Rapper, and was loved by millions. He kicked awesome, dope rhymes with incredible ease, and made several albums. His greatest hits are "Big Poppa", "Going Back To Cali", "Would You Die For Me?", and "Juicy".
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 7, 2005
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Abbreviated name for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The other nicknames for this city include The Circle City and I-Town. Indy is a large metropolis of roughly 780,000 people of all ethnicities and races, including Hispanics and Native Americans}. This is also the term used for a popular national racing event: The Indy 500.
Indy is home to The Colts, the Indy 500, the Indiana Pacers, IU, IUPUI, Vivica A. Fox, David Letterman, and 23rd President Benjamin Harrison.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 12, 2004
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