Pittsburgh-based political punk band that believes that the flag no longer represents the people, but corporate leaders. Known for leftist, pro-peace, pro-unity views. Members are Justin Sane, Chris Head, #2, and Pat Thetic. Spaz participates in Pittsburgh shows as well.
I saw Anti-Flag live; they kicked ass!
by A-F Army March 7, 2004
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Awsome band with strong political views.

They kick ass...go buy A New Kind Of Army
The president got caught getting head
so soon some people will be dead
Iraqi bodies scattered around
By the cluster bomb that land in their barracks and their homes
by Maggie Loves Jon April 24, 2004
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Probably one of the only bands who could incorporate some dumbasses' drunk ramblings into the middle of their song and still sound fucking awesome.
Idiot #1: Anti-Flag??? That doesn't mean Anti-the-American-Flag does it?

Idiot #2: I loved your set! Well, actually, I'm too drunk to remember your set... but you're my favorite band!

Idiot #3: What do you mean you don't drink?? Drinking's my life! You've gotta start drinking!
by anarchy_and_angst June 9, 2005
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only the greatest punk band that ever was ;p they sing about peace and unity. any1 whos is pro-war should get a reality check, we're human beings, lets act like it...
man 1: dude i luv anti-flag!

man 2: do u even kno wut they're all about?

man 1: yea... uh, anti-america...

man 2: no, you kno nothin you fucking poser, its pro peace.
by Warren S. January 18, 2005
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Punk band that originally formed in 1988 in Pittsburgh, PA, but didn't really kick off until the late 90's. Known for their political messages and beliefs in equality and humanity as one unit instead of being separated by race, religion, sex, etc. Current lineup consists of Justin Sane, Pat Thetic, Chris Head, and Chris #2. They are fans of the word, "fuck" and kick out people who fight at their shows unless they're willing to kiss each other.
Anti-Flag is good music to fall asleep to.
by whyamionurbandictatmidnight? December 5, 2011
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'Talented' is not a good enough word. Anti-Flag is one of the few bands that can still bull off fast, loud, and political music without sounding like total idiots.

I highly recommend 'The Press Corpse' on their latest album, 'For Blood and Empire.'
by Calypsion June 28, 2006
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They have been around since the mid 90's and have been kicking ass ever since. Some people have labeled them with that annoying "sellout" phrase but that is hardly the truth unless you are a person who thinks they are cool cause they like things that only 5 other people like. I agree that it is annoying to see all of the anti-flag crap at school on alot of people who think they are "punk" because they wear it but who cares what they do.

They are extremely political and know how to throw the word "fuck" around pretty well. They also make fun of alot of different things in their music in which you may think "are they serious" but more than likely they are just joking.

If you like hard and fast punk, check out their first album "Die For The Government" or "Underground Network".

If you are feeling a little pissed off then check out "Their System Doesnt Work For You"
"You don't have to be a racist to be a Nazi Fuck, your mindless nationalism give you credentials enough"
by Chopper September 14, 2004
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